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Latest Guest Announcement - LISA & LOUISE BURNS


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Latest Guest Announcement: Lisa & Louise Burns

Attending: Saturday

Duo Autograph Price: £35

Duo Photo Shoot Price: £35

Please note due to contractual reasons Lisa and Louise are not able to sign Funko Pops

Lisa and Louise Burns do not sign Funko products, including pops, of any kind. This includes any and all related items that can be adhered to a Funko product to give it the impression of being signed, such as clear windows from boxes or Pop protectors.




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22 minutes ago, RSdynamicduo said:

Any extra details on why there are contractual obligations against funko pops? 

No problem if not. We get most of our autographs on Funko products, so seeing this is new to us! 


It's a statement from the agent. I'm afraid that's as detailed as it will get.

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On 27/02/2018 at 9:45 PM, Clyde said:

Just the handle but made of wood will take the axe head off thanks for info

Hi have been trying to get a answer from the venue but no luck yet is there any chance you can find out as they would have brought my pops but understand why they can’t be signed don’t want to bring the axe handle for it to be refused entry

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For all we know there is no restrictions on that axe handle. The Pop Funkos is a completely different reason for a refusal. Leave your item wrapped up in your bag and only take it out for signing, and then straight back in.

I'm afraid that's the only information I can give right now as that was what has been outlined so far.

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