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Lets get the ball rolling then shall we...


I say the same thing every year, Mr Sam J Jones, Timothy Dalton, or Brian Blessed from the greatest film ever please.


And see if Carl Weathers can make it this time :)

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1st time I've not seen a real marquee top must see guest in Glasgow.  I'll get my Aliens poster filled up some more but no pics or talks that to get excited about.  Used to think Newcastle was a bad l

This ^^^^ and also more aliens guests please :)

Any of the cast from Game Of Thrones, Dexter, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, A Nightmare On Elm Street Movies


Update: I would love Kristanna Loken to attend as she has now cancelled 2 past cons. She looks like a lovely person :-( Fingers crossed


Update 2: I would love for Juliet Landau to come here as well. I tweeted her asking if she would do a Showmaster's con again since i've missed her in the past and she replied with a HAPPY FACE! Hint hint Showmasters! I can dream......

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Glasgow film and comic 2016 was fantastic even tho 2 of the guests I was planning on meeting cancelled so hoping 2017 will be just as good if not better.


I would personally love for Carl weathers to attend as he cancelled at the lastest con. Also a long shot but Dolph lundgren would be amazing to have attend this upcoming comic con.


Some game of thrones stars would be good aswell such as Richard madden,jerome Flynn, Charles dance, James Cosmo, Michael McElhatton,Kristian Nairn and Clive Russell.


Also I loved the wrestling line up this year with al snow and vader(Vader was the other guest who cancelled) so some other wrestling stars and legends would be excellent like Scott hall, hardcore holly, xpac and Vader(just cause he couldn't attended the last con)

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How about some new Buffy & Angel guests:


Sarah Michelle Gellar

Seth Green

Michelle Trachtenberg

Alyson Hannigan

David Boreanaz

Kristy Wu

Gina Torres

Daniel Dae Kim

Elizabeth Anne Allen

Bailey Chase

Harris Yulin

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I have to go with cast from the following:- Buffy, Angel, Game of Thrones, Arrow, The Flash, iZombie, Agent Carter, Agents of Shield, Supernatural, The Originals, The Vampire a Diaries..... I know a lot of them are pipe dreams, but...I can dream!!!

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V cast


Marc Singer

Michael Ironside

Frank Ashmore


Starship Troopers


Casper Van Dein

Dina Meyer




Chris Sarandon

Catherine Hicks

Alex Vincent

Christine Elise

Ken Sagoes

Ronee Blakley

Jsu Garcia

Heather Langenkamp

Mark Patton

Kim Myers

Brad Loree

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