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  1. Iv had enough waiting, seeing that its says above that they were starting to get sent out in MARCH, and i was then again told 4 weeks ago it was getting to get sent out, i just want my money back now. Ive e-mailed again and what a surprise, no answer.
  2. Why is this taking so long, i have so many e-mails saying its going to be posted out and im still waiting.
  3. Does anybody know what’s happening with this, I know people r busy with collectormania, but we have been waiting and waiting
  4. Can we please have a realistic time for this as I’ve been emailing for ages and never get an actual proper timeline
  5. when will the guests be added to the autographs pre-order?
  6. Gigi Edgley is up for coming, it would be awesome to have a her and Ben browder at the same convention
  7. I have soooo many things i want signed by Ben, I cant wait till June now. If we can get Claudia & Gigi that would be so awesome.
  8. Can we get an update on the current price, just so we know how much is outstanding at the moment.
  9. Any one from Farscape, Red Dwarf, Stargate and Star Trek would awesome
  10. Any chance of getting an update on this, i did e-mail preorders@showmastersevents.com but got no response regarding this.
  11. Roll on August, cant wait to meet Chris, have to get my a dogs breakfast dvd signed
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