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Latest Guest Announcement - JULIE BENZ

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Latest Guest Announcement - Julie Benz


Attending: Saturday & Sunday


Autograph Price: €25


Photo Shoot Price: €25










Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV Series)



(TV Series)



(TV Series)

Rita Bennett / Rita Morgan


Hawaii Five-0 (TV Series)

Inspector Abby Dunn


(TV Series)

Stephanie Powell


(TV Series)

Mayor Amanda Rosewater / Amanda Rosewater





Saw V







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I am waiting for the day where SM announce the very same guest list for 5 shows in a row and then everybody is posting "OMG this is all repeats, we want new guests!" :lol:


Please: guests are announced for the shows they are available for. Sometimes it is a couple of shows in a row, more often it is not.


At the moment pretty much half of the posts in all guest announcement topics are of the "bring him/her to event X too". I've got the third e-mail this morning complaining about this now. While I do understand that attendees are excited, would love to meet certain guests and traveling is not always an option I can see the point of the the attendees who e-mailed me too. These requests are really getting a bit out of hand. You have my word, SM are not waiting to announce a guest until 50 people have requested him/her for that Show. It is all a matter of availability. No amount of asking is going to change that.

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