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  1. When I finally got to the venue, Jeri didn’t even have a queue! I could walk right up to her! Totally unexpected but not complaining at all!
  2. 8?! And I thought my 4 were a bit much! Geez. Haha
  3. 2014 actually! But yes, it would be great to have her back!
  4. It’s been a while since attending a Showmasters event! I have a diamond pass and would like to buy some additional autographs. Do you buy these when you get to the guest queue in question? And can you pay for these with cash? Thanks in advance!
  5. Now that Jeri Ryan has been announced, please consider getting Michelle Hurd to attend as well!
  6. Lucy Davis, Miranda Otto and Michelle Gomez!
  7. Starting this one off and adding two names I'd love to see here in Amsterdam: Dina Meyer & Lea Thompson!
  8. Dina Meyer & Lea Thompson! Both absolute sweethearts and such fun to be around! Plus they've been in a movie together so it would be great to have them at the same event!
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