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  1. totally agree a shoot with the ecto 1a and a castmember would be great how bout dan aykroyd :) ateam van would be great but we need mr t to
  2. julie benz since she could not be there last time ( she can bring Stephanie Leonidas to she was such a great guest) :) amanda tapping (havent seen her yet) sarah michelle Gellar /eliza dushku emilia Clarke got rose leslie got david boreanaz tricia helfer /grace park Dwayne Johnson :) Jacky chan Jean Claude van damme dolph lundgren Christopher Lambert of course!
  3. ok i got a message back stating it wil be automaticly repaid
  4. she absolutely made my day she is so kind with a warm and friendly personality, she takes time to chat and have fun she can come back any time :)
  5. i went to comicon today and could not find julie, asked yes she canceled damn that did not fall well with me i got 2 phototickets and no clear answer how to get my money back any one an idea?
  6. wow am super happy with this guest looking forward to it
  7. did she cancel? i dont see her as a guest on the page of amsterdam con
  8. yeah that would be cool he sings very good
  9. is there a parking area next to or by the rai?
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