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  1. Natasha O'Keeffe. And Andrew Scott but that also goes without saying, right?
  2. I'm on my way back home again. Despite being sick with a cold and a slight fever I had an amazing day. Poor Andrew was being rushed like a factory machine and it kinda made me sad but that's a convention, right? He was a darling though, like always. <3
  3. I'm staying at my friend's place. ^__^
  4. *hopes for a good nice timetable* (Jokes! Sorta.) ​I was gonna go to bed right now, but I'll wait a few minutes then.
  5. Keeping my fingers crossed for a schedule layout thingy like last year.. this isn't handy at all.
  6. Not me! He's the reason I'm going. 😍
  7. I personally don't understand how people buy an expensive package while waiting for Benedict or Martin. It's a lot of money if you're counting on just Martin or Benedict and possibly even ONLY buying the package in the hope they come.. well, I just can't wrap my head around that. I was waiting on Andrew for example, I booked everything as soon as he was announced, my flights ended up being twice as expensive as they usually were because 3 weeks is quite last minute. I chose this way to avoid disappointment and even told myself I wouldn't mind paying more if that means I'm actually sure and have a plan instead of to just 'book whatever'. It's personal preference and we all do our own thing, but booking an expensive package in the hope Martin and / or Benedict are coming is really naive, in my opinion.
  8. Thank you. ☺️ -Natasha was the only person I was going to meet at a convention that's not Andrew, so this news was a bit upsetting. But congratulations to her and I hope she and the little one are doing okay!
  9. I get that, but it doesn't answer my question. My friend has a Platinum B package (I'm gonna plan the thing for her), so far there are 4 photos shoots on Sunday she isn't interested in so that gives free time on the Sunday. The Saturday in the other hand is quite full. Now she has a photo with Natasha on Saturday, but does that automatically mean she has to get Natasha's autograph on that same day as well? I know package holders can't just go whatever day they want, photoshoot wise, and I was just wondering if it's the same for autographs.
  10. I'm gonna post my question here, so I hope no one minds.. I've been looking around for a while now but couldn't find the answer. I know photoshoots for packages are day specific, but is this also the case for autographs? Or could you get an autograph from actor X on Sunday, while Saturday is photoshoot day? (I get that if someone's only there one day, it's all on the one day)
  11. Andrew Scott (Sherlock, Alice Through The Looking Glass, James Bond)
  12. @Darth Hombach I did a couple of rounds through all albums, and all I could find was one photo of a lady who is wearing a 'Goonies' shirt.
  13. I don't know if anyone's messaged you already, but I just had a quick look and I couldn't find any photo that matched your description. Could you give me a better one? Male/female, glasses/no glasses, hair color, pose? Perhaphs a detailed description of the shirts(just text or a photo, if so what kind of photo)?
  14. Same, hahaha! My wallet is getting thinner, which isn't actually a problem at all, because Sherlocked and Hamlet was what I was saving for. EEK! Do it!
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