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Well since its the month of halloween we should get a few big horror names this is my wish list


Bruce Campbell, evil dead.

Robert Englund, nightmare on elm street.

Kane Hodder,friday the 13th films.

Clive Barker, hell raiser.

Tony Todd, candyman.

Doug Bradley, hell raiser.

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Gillian Anderson - wonder will they be back filming Season 3 of the Fall in Belfast by then??

Or any cast from the Fall


Anyone from Sherlock that they cant get to go to the official Sherlocked. Would love to meet Andrew Scott


Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Natalie dormer - was so disappointed she cancelled lfcc

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Please please please try and get at least one of the fowling :)


Kane hodder

Gunnar Hansen

Tony todd

Robert englund

Bruce campbell

Doug bradley

Linda blair

brad dourif

Any famous zombies

Lance Henriksen

Sid Haig

dan aykroyd

Clive barker

Wes craven

John carpenter

Dario Argento

Don Coscarelli

Sam raimi

Tobe Hooper

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I was on David Yost's twitter account and he has a list of dates for when he is at cons and such - one says he cannot announce yet and is out of the country from 24/10 to the 26/10....I wonder if the original blue ranger will be at the con. Of course other cons may be happening then but thought this may be worth posting! It would certainly add to the list of great names so far!

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