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  1. I showed some people at work. The blokes were impressed by the fact I had a picture with Chrstina Ricci, whilst my female boss was more interested in the picture with Lee Majors.
  2. Watched two cracking series this year - one well-known , the other maybe not. Chernobyl - As some who was about 14 at the time of the disaster, it opened my eyes to how bad it truly was. The Miracle (il Miraclo) - it is in Italian with English subtitles, but don't let that put anyone off, the storyline is superb and the ending brilliant. Part of me wants a 2nd series but because the ending was so good, I don't want it spoilt. Also watched Riveria S2, Blindspot S4 (a few episodes left to watch) and currently have Big Little Lies s2 on the planner.
  3. I would be on the plane over instantly if she was ever announced.
  4. I can only echo the comments made about the crew. There are always going to be questions and queries posed to the crew, and what makes the Comic Con more enjoyable is the crew being able to deal with those comments and queries, so you know what is going on or what to do. It simply would not function without them. So, you have my full appreciation.
  5. Met a few guests on Sunday. Lennie James - what a really nice man, had the time not only to answers my questions (mostly about Snatch) but also asked about my day etc. I also heard him talk to girl infront of me (who said it was her first comic con), to come back to see him later on the day to let him know what she thought. Leslie Easterbrook - an absolute delight, full of things to say and complemented me on my hair !!! At the photoshoot, had no problems in any poses people wanted. Invite her back. Christina Ricci - very polite and engaging. Took time to explain her character she played in Monster. David Naughton - I think I unintentionally made him feel abit uncomfortable. I made a light-hearted comment about him being the luckiest man on earth to share a shower scene with Jenny Agutter - though it maybe because he hears that alot. Lee Majors - seemed alittle disinterested to be honest, but at his age and seeing so many people I can see why he might have been abit tired by Sunday. Abit gutted not to see Bernard Cribbins (second time I missed him) - if he manages another appearance, I will be getting a Diamond pass. Had money permitted, I would have seen Carrie Anne Moss, but travel costs just pushed the budget little too far. Hopefully, she'll be at another one some time.
  6. In terms of the original post. 1. I had the same situation when I turned up at Earls Court on Sunday morning. To be honest though, you can walk from Earls Court to Olympia in 10mins, simply walk around the back of Earls Court, across Brompton Road - pretty straightforward on Google maps. 2. Seating has always been issue, even when it was at Earls Court 2. The best thing to do is out at lunchtime (if your schedule permits) an get something to eat and drink at a nearby restaurant or pub. We usually goto a pub not far away - not the one right outside though. This was my first LFCC in a couple of years, and I must admit it was very well run. Heat was the biggest problem, just a matter of keeping yourself hydrated and pop out into the fresh cooler air.
  7. Hopefully, when I'm there on Sunday :- Christina Ricci Bernard Cribbins Lee Majors Leslie Easterbrook David Naughton Lennie James Phil Daniels
  8. Great, I was going to ask if I could speak to the crew.
  9. I would have loved to meet him, but since moving over to NI from London my attendance much more limited.
  10. I have diamond pass for Christina Ricci on Sunday (batch 3), and her photo shoot starts at 5:00pm. I need to be at Heathrow Airport by 6:30pm to catch a flight. As long as I'm out by 5:30pm, maybe 5:45pm I will be fine. Would you think I'm ok ? Planning on getting the Heathrow express from Paddington, so only 15mins to Heathrow and if I'm pushed for time I will get a cab to Paddington.
  11. Flippin hell, that scared me for a min. Just booked flights and tickets, then saw this. However, I'm coming over on Sunday 28th July, and that day wasn't mentioned.
  12. If anyone else reads this thread, then I can recommend The Nadler Kensington Hotel, a few mins walk from Earls Court. Our room had a nice little kitchette area as well.
  13. They will be going up in my bar, as soon as clear out some other pictures in there.
  14. Out of that list, cast members from these would be superb to get :- Animal House American History X Lock Stock
  15. There seems to be a couple of things that could be employed here to help the queue :- 1. Employ a snaking queue system, so the next person goes to the next available sales point. It stops 4 massive lines growing, and it's fairer to everyone waiting. 2. Perhaps there should be a Cash Sales only point, which would move alot quicker and those paying cash would not get held up by those paying with cards. (Though I tried to get some more cash out at lunchtime and ATM I used at the event was already empty).
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