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  1. IrishTwilighter

    Anyone going alone

    I really want to go. Getting an amazing price for flights from Ireland at the moment.
  2. IrishTwilighter

    Sherlocked Update

    I think that when they couldn't get them all together when they were filming the Christmas special, what hope do they have at any other stage during the coming year as they concentrate on their separate ventures. With so many personal & professional commitments in the coming months, I cant see it happening anytime soon unfortunately. I would like to be proven wrong though! I reckon we will have to wait until filming for season 4 begins
  3. IrishTwilighter

    Sherlocked Update

    At his stage I've almost given up thinking about this & its heartbreaking. I wonder if they would consider going ahead without the 2 leads. I'm sure that would still be successful. Andrew Scott, Una Stubbs, Rupert Graves would be enough to get me there.
  4. IrishTwilighter

    Sherlocked Update

    Yup totally agree. Was very petty the weekend they chose to announce it & now almost ten months later we are non the wiser than we were last February I do hope it goes ahead. And I'm hoping for Andrew Scott if it does
  5. IrishTwilighter

    Photoshoot question

    David, Can you tell me if its possible to change a photo op when I get there. I bought my photo op with Billy Boyd when he was announced. But then last week they offer the pic with the props...do you know if I could change it & pay the difference?? Thanks
  6. IrishTwilighter

    ME - we're afraid ;(

    I'm happy as long as they are someone we've not met before We already have one repeat so yeah bring on Catman :) lol
  7. IrishTwilighter

    ME - we're afraid ;(

    Knock knock anyone there....its been too quiet for too long. Please ME give us something to get excited about And for the sanity of those of us who have attended since the beginning, please find us someone new
  8. IrishTwilighter

    Sherlocked Update

    When ever its announced I'm sure it will be epic. Thanks for the update
  9. IrishTwilighter

    I think... (Cheeky guest request)

    Oh yes please, Its been sooo long since he attended an ET event. Bring all the Volturi Need something to get excited over. Its been very quiet around here
  10. IrishTwilighter

    Thoughts about the Sherlocked talk at LFCC ?

    Nope wasn't disappointed in the least. Cant wait for the con details to be released
  11. IrishTwilighter

    Guest suggestions

    Andrew Scott Andrew Scott Andrew Scott Una Stubbs Martin Freeman So happy my ticket came out for Mark Gatiss at LFCC :dance: Really enjoyed that panel
  12. IrishTwilighter

    Latest Guest Announcement - CAMERON BRIGHT

    :YAHOO:Delighted about this announcement. He's the last one of the Volturi I have to meet
  13. IrishTwilighter

    Guest Suggestions

    Gillian Anderson - wonder will they be back filming Season 3 of the Fall in Belfast by then?? Or any cast from the Fall Anyone from Sherlock that they cant get to go to the official Sherlocked. Would love to meet Andrew Scott Jonathan Rhys Meyers Natalie dormer - was so disappointed she cancelled lfcc
  14. IrishTwilighter

    How Many Guests Can We Expect for Belfast?

    Delighted SM are coming to Belfast,
  15. IrishTwilighter

    Guest Suggestions for ET10

    Casey La Bow Christian Camargo Billy Burke Elizabeth Reaser Lee Pace or anyone thats not attended an et before