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  1. Haha yeah that was the Klingon roar of applause, one of my best memories of the weekend. A hush fell over the whole of the venue for just a second and I couldn't stop laughing!
  2. People are complaining there wasn't enough room or things to do. If they got a cheaper, and therefore smaller, venue (this is London afterall) where exactly would they have put everything that they already had and the extras that you feel were missing?
  3. Does no-one take into account the cost of the venue hire? DSTL took up two (perhaps three?) of the pods for the show itself, another across the way for queuing in the morning and then a further one for the evening entertainment. The ExCeL isn't a cheap venue and these costs have to be paid regardless of whether anyone turns up/pays for autographs/photoshoots. Of course we all do but the cost of these then goes towards paying the guests and (hopefully) getting more to come to future events. We spent the weekend in the same building as five of the captains of Star Trek. How many people across the world can say they've had that opportunity even if you didn't meet them all?
  4. Aww thank you! I'll be honest my main thing for Saturday was cosplaying and the record attempt so it's not a huge deal if I end up Fri/Sun only so long as I get to complete my DS9 cast picture and get the photoshoots I want!
  5. I'm from Aberdeen. Land at Gatwick at 8:45am and then need to train/tube it to Excel. All going well I should get there around 10:30am. *crosses fingers*
  6. THANK YOU! My flight gets me in around then so I'll head straight there from the airport. If I don't you'll find me in a blubbering mess outside the Excel centre lol
  7. So I just tried to order my 3-day ticket (last minute I know) came up with a problem with the order and to call SEE who said all 3-day tickets are sold out but some will still be available on the day. (I really hope this is true as everything else is booked and my flight leaves tomorrow morning at 7am!) Assuming that this is correct what time will I be able to buy my ticket at the Excel from? I'm starting to panic that I've wasted a LOT of money on travel and accomodation...
  8. *squee* OMG yes!!! A weekend Big Bang themed con would be exceptionally epic!! <3 but as guests at a general signing event they'd also be a great crowd pleaser! So in other words, pretty pretty please say YES!!
  9. I keep meaning to spend more time on these forums pre events but seem to always be too busy. Yet another fantastic event guys had a blast even though there were no guests I was specifically there to meet. Thank you for all the hard work!
  10. Well I'm a Twitter junkie so you're best following me @leanneeef Or I'm starting to get to grips a bit better with glitchy Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/leanneeef Will be at LFCC so would be great to meet more people since I had a complete blast last weekend :)
  11. I have also finally uploaded most of my (rubbish) pics from last weekend to Facebook which you can find here: http://tinyurl.com/3n9773q still gotta scan in the photoshoots :) Can I also say that this is my favourite photo so far and completely sums up my favourite things from the weekend <3
  12. Yip, that was me :) and I don't blame you for not recognising me I spoke to so many people that most started to blur together as everyone was so super nice to meet! Have done - I'll also tell him that he needs to get on here as he's planing on coming to LFCC as well :)
  13. Some really great pictures here guys, keep them coming! Lack of internet is stopping me from uploading my own at the moment (I'm at my mums for the night and forgot the camera cable - doh!) will post a link when they're up though!
  14. His name was Michael :) I think he's added me on Facebook so you should be able to find him through me on there! Hi Leanne - were you wearing a red t-shirt, jeans and boots on saturday? I MAY have talked to you on Saturday when we were getting blown about by the wind, waiting to go into photo shoot A, but then again, it was probably someone completely different! Yes, that was me! Had almost as many comments about that WonderWoman t-shirt as I did my Babydoll costume lol. I spent most of my Saturday in the wind tunnel that was the photoshoot area! :)
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