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  1. I always watch the lost world series 1999-2002 - everytime it reruns and they last attended an event in 2004 & so it is overdue for them to attend again. the cast :- will snow - jennifer o`dell - david orth - rachel blakely - others. reply & tell me what you think of this idea.
  2. I would like to see the cast from grimm series at a event and because I just started watching it for the first time & enjoying it very much. please reply & tell me what you think of this idea.
  3. I would like to see actor alan cumming as a guest at showmasters events because he is a great actor & it would be awesome to meet him in person and get his autograph/photo with him. reply if you think this is a good idea.
  4. this year 2018 is the:- 35th anniversary of star wars return of the jedi - we need big names from star wars like the actors who play = luke - han - vader - c3po & others. 35th anniversary of robin of sherwood series - we also need guests from this show - because there is a event that I found called the hooded man events for this show but this year is the end of the event. 35th anniversary of v the series - we need guests from this series too. 25th anniversary of power rangers series - we also need lots of guests from this show. reply to this with your guests from each show or the star wars r.o.t.j. film.
  5. I would like to see roxann dawson attend a event again & because it has been years since she was last in the uk and so showmasters can you please get her. please reply if you would like to see roxann dawson attend again.
  6. I would like to see the stargate chevron events to come back again & then it will be stargate guests from all shows/films attending and because there is not enough stargate guests at showmasters events anymore when there should be lots like the heroes & villians of the shows/films. like = system lords - men/women. jaffa. stargate command cast. and like have a person dressed as a system lord with the serpent guards walking around the event with people dressed as sg-1 team pretending to fight one another at the event with the stargate in the back ground & have a showcase of the props,costumes,weapons from the shows/films. reply if you agree with this & who from stargate you would like to see at the events.
  7. I would like to see MR T at a event because I just started watching the A team again & get the remaining cast too it will be awesome. reply if you like this idea for showmasters to do.
  8. there should be a stargate universe guests at these events because I have only seen stargate sg-1/atlantis cast only and that needs to change now. reply & suggest who you would like to see from the show too.
  9. I think all the v series cast at one event would be great and all beastmaster 1-2-3 film cast too.
  10. I think there should be a earth final conflict reunion because ever since the horror channel rerun the series I think it would be a good idea meeting the guest from the show and watching the series brings back memories of seeing it for the first time when it first aired and it ran for 5 seasons. reply & tell me if you agree for a reunion & your memories of the show.
  11. to all event goers this is a hypothetical question that all can answer = 100% truth only. 1= if say showmasters events got a big name star guest like robert downy jr how much would you pay for a photo/autograph of them? 2= also think of other big names that you would get the autograph/picture of & how much you would pay for them? reply with all the big name guests you want the autograph/picture of & the price you will pay for them.
  12. this year is the 50th anniversary of star trek and I think showmasters should have mostly star trek guests from all shows + films at many of there events this year to celebrate half a century of the show and they should get the remaining cast of the original series + all the cast of next gen,ds9,voyager,enterprise & the cast of the new films. I hope a lot of people reply to this because then showmasters will listen to us. please reply. p.s. it is also the 50th anniversary of the 1966 batman series so get some of the remaining guests from the show like = adam west - batman. burt ward - robin. Lee Meriwether - catwoman from the 1966 film. julie newmar - 1st catwoman. .
  13. I will be going hope to meet fellow power rangers/sentai fans & make new friends too. see you there.
  14. I would like to see at showmasters events a reunion of the alien nation series guest because I like it & only started watching it when the sci-fi channel put the films of the series on and it would be a good reunion. please reply.
  15. marc singer. tanya roberts. mark hamill. smallville cast. arrow cast. highlander tv/film cast. marvel/dc comic tv/film cast. more wrestlers. music guests. john hurt. peter capaldi. other doctor who guests. lynda carter. exspendables film cast. more power rangers guests. u.s.a. & u.k. gladiators guests old/new. bruce campbell. hercules/xena guests. and many other guests I would like to see to be announced later. please reply if you would like to see these guests too.
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