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  1. Annick

    Ticket buyin question

    Oh, I'm in no hurry. In Dortmund I bought my tickets one week before the date.
  2. Annick

    Ticket buyin question

    Eventbrite! That is it! Haha LOL thanks. But the way I read it, an upgrade isn't possible yet for any ticket? Odd Wonder when it will be possible...
  3. When buying a ticket for the 1st DST in London, I first bought a 2 days ticket (sat-sun) and changed this later on for a full weekend ticket (fri-sat-sun). To make these changes I had to call a phonenumber (dunno what anymore) of the ticketoffice. They then came from Seetickets, right? I know that another organisation is doing the ticket (cannot come up with the name) now, but do you still have to do a call if you want to change something? We sure want to go, but it depends on what the further activities are on all days before I can decide how many days we're going. So can you make changing's easy?
  4. Annick

    The VQ system

    For now, none. Am busy with my flights and hotel. Need more information (talks, photoshoots, etc.) before I can buy a ticket. But my wild guess is that I buy a weekend or 3 days ticket.
  5. Annick

    The VQ system

    Aha, didn't knew that. I thought you bought a token of whatever there and give this to the crewman sitting with the guest. Only a question.. what is then the difference between standing in line with this 'thing' and standing in line to pay like 2012 en Dortmund 2018 when the guest have no waiting fans before or after you.. Maybe that works for true A guests like George Takei or other TOS guest, but for guests lesser busy...
  6. Annick

    The VQ system

    If I name it correctly in the first place... Question for you guys who have more experience with this then I have... In 2012 this system wasn't there yet (to my knowledge). You paid at crewman before walking to 'who-ever' you wanted to have an auto from, and that's that. In 2018 Dortmund it was the same. In the same year Birmingham I suddenly was confronted with this VQ system. Too bad I had no idea, and because of this I couldn't get my photo signed anymore. Now I don't want to make the same mistake again, but... Can you only buy a number for the day on the day..? (so on Saturday for the Saterday, etc.?) Not that you come on the Friday that you buy one for the Saturday? Again... I'm a complete newbie in this.
  7. Annick

    Guest suggestions.

    My wishlist would be Scot Bakula Dominic Keating (for our "Dynamic Duo") Dwight Schultz John de Lancie
  8. Annick

    Latest Guest Announcement- Kate Mulgrew

    It was time after 6 years of absence of European cons.. ;-) Funny, my first photo with her was 20th October 2012. My new photo will be exact the same date 6 years later (if all goes according to plan).
  9. Annick

    Destination Star Trek Europe 2016

    Honestly, I hope they go ack to London again. Haven't visiting this con, but London is more central for those who come from outside the UK. About the hotelprices, I heard several people said that prices were actually quite high. But I guess that depends on where you want to stay...
  10. Annick

    Destination Star Trek Europe 2016

    Sooner as last time? I found this very early already.. 2012 was the first email in March..
  11. Annick

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Just out of curiosity, during DSTL2012 your seat was whatever kind of ticket you've bought. So in my case it was a normal weekend ticket, so we sat quite in the back of the talk. This has changed?
  12. Annick

    I am not a mushroom

    You simply cannot plan everything in one week... that's just impossible.
  13. Annick

    Guest Suggestions

    Some more from Voyager would be even more fab (but that's just personal ;-))
  14. Annick

    Guest Suggestions

    Don't think so. It's a clear "#StarTrekBirmingham". How many times right now has Twitter beaten the "official announcement" for a guest?
  15. Annick

    Destination Star Trek Europe 2016

    Yeah, nice planning (but not)... If these cons are known so far in time, then you would say they can think logical and do not plan then in the same weekend... From what I can see there's two comic cons and a cruise, but no other Trek conventions over those dates. Only two Trek regulars at those instead of Birmingham. It does not always have to be Trek related. Lot of Trek actors go as guests to non-Trek cons.