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    Sorry, nobody down here but the F.B.I.'s most unwanted. (a.k.a. Southend on Sea)

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About Me

I'm crazy, I'm kooky, I'm not really that spooky.


Depending on when you catch me if you can I can be rather serious (but I don't really show that side of me much when I'm online) I prefer the rather NUTS approach or as someone once said "Your sledgehammer humour." in actual fact I feel like I'm doing an ad for a frickin lonely hearts column in which case...


GSOH/Male/Mid thirties requires Catwoman for leisurely pursuits etc etc etc.


I suppose I have to list the things that interest me *Rolls eyes*


Indiana Jones.

The Muppets.

Star Wars.


X-FIles (Have you NOT seen my blatant attempts at proving to the World how much I am looking forward to meeting key X-Files Guests)


Not really sure what else I'm supposed to put here, maybe my Phone number? Ok its...... What? Even a King has to play hard to get. Talking of which, have you seen just how fit Catherine Middleton is? Yes, she may now be married and be our Future Queen but that doesn't stop me wanting to- never mind.

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