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  1. JENNIFER CONNELLY (Labyrinth | The Rocketeer | A Beautiful Mind) ELISABETH SHUE (Adventures In Babysitting | The Karate Kid) TRACEY GOLD (Growing Pains) KIRSTIE ALLEY (Look Who's Talking | Cheers) FAYE DUNAWAY (Supergirl | Mommie Dearest) Highly unlikely but I thought I'd have a shot at suggesting her! GLENN CLOSE (101 Dalmatians | Fatal Attraction)
  2. Forgive me for posting this photo, it's from one of the London Comic Cons a few years ago, when Gillian Anderson attended. Since I'm only just signed back into my account here I wanted to share it with you. Another amazing lady, she is the best! It's just a shame she couldn't be there at this LFCC 2018 alongside David Duchovny.
  3. With the one & only CATHERINE MARY STEWART One of the most nicest, warm-welcoming women I've ever met! We laughed! We talked! She is just incredible.
  4. Was such a pleasure meeting Catherine Mary Stewart, she is just so lovely!!!! I had a feeling that this photo wouldn't be on her table (which it wasn't) so I brought it with me for her to sign. Doesn't she look great?!
  5. JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS (Home Improvement) CONNIE SELLECCA (Hotel) JOELY FISHER (Inspector Gadget, Ellen) RON PERLMAN (Beauty & The Beast) LINDA HAMILTON (Beauty & The Beast)
  6. Please get the following, we would love to see these guests : ELISABETH SHUE (Adventures in Babysitting) JENNIFER CONNELLY (Labyrinth, The Rocketeer) TRACEY GOLD(Growing Pains) KIRSTIE ALLEY Look Who's Talking) SARAH JESSICA PARKER (Hocus Pocus, Sex & The City) ANDREA ROTH (The Collector, A Golden Christmas)
  7. Tracey Gold Jennifer Connelly Elisabeth shue Linda Hamilton
  8. Linda Hamilton Sarah Jessica Parker Bette Midler Elisabeth Shue
  9. Showmasters has to get JENNIFER CONNELLY to London Film and Comic Con 2015!! I think I speak for many when I say that we would love to meet her. Obviously most known to fans for her portrayal as Sarah in Jim Henson's "Labyrinth" (1986) and "A Beautiful Mind". Anyone else agree??
  10. with LINDA HAMILTON (Star of 'Terminator' and TV's 'Beauty and the Beast') As you probably know, Linda didn't attend the Film and Comin Con 2012, but this photo was taken when I met her in Milton Keynes in 2010. Let's hope SHE'LL BE BACK in the UK next year!!!
  11. Sarah Jessica Parker Kirstie Alley Jennifer Connelly (from the movie 'Labyrinth')
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