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  1. Me as a Jurassic park security officer with Sam Neill.
  2. I got a Sam Neill photo shoot from my wife for my birthday, as he says bye to the guy in front of me he turns to say hi and see's me in a Jurassic Park security officers uniform. He says "Wow, your fully loaded out, you look awesome". Made my day, totally awesome meeting such a friendly and charming guest. :D:D:D
  3. Definitely can do :) This is me from London Film and Comic Con 2016 :):)
  4. Awesome :):) will definitely have to say hi if we are in the same area at the convention.
  5. Hi, I will be going on Sunday dressed as a Rebel Fleet Trooper officer; and was just wondering if their were any other star wars cosplayers going and who you were going as. :):) Regards Timberwolf0118
  6. Will there be any vehicles at the convetion that we could have our picture on or in, and would they be green screen or not.
  7. I'm going to go as Egon Spengler in lab coat with pke.
  8. Hi will there be any photo ops with vehicles at comic cons?
  9. Hi Showmasters, just wandering if there was a car at winter comic con, and if yes which car it will be?
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