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  1. Yeah I was super excited to meet her but like every one said - she seemed tired + really busy. I met her on Sunday - both auto + photo. I said hello and that I loved Agent Carter while she was signing and she said thank you but didn't really look up at me (I had an awesome Agent Carter t-shirt on too!) Still she seemed like a nice person though - just super busy.
  2. I definitely second this ! Please have her back SM !!
  3. Depends . . . usually with the less busy guests it's ok unless there's a sign behind them saying "no posed photos" or something like that . . .
  4. YES !!! She's awesome !! This is the guest I'm most excited about for sure !!!
  5. Aww bless you - I'm sorry that was the main thing you went for !
  6. That sounds shocking !! Poor Stan Such a legend . . . .
  7. Aww bless him - I can't fault Stan at all - he did the best he could with great spirits :)
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