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  1. It was confirmed by Showmasters staff in Bournemouth today that Jodi Lynn O'Keefe, Julie Benz, Carl Wethers etc were all cancelled last minute by Showmasters because the guests had cancelled on Amsterdam comic con at last minute. Seems petty. I hope the same isn't true of the comic guests
  2. Hi. I have another question for the mods. Is someone able to respond on the comic cancellation thread. A number of people looking for a response. Cheers
  3. Also been told by 2 different comic artists that Showmasters cancelled them and not the other way around.
  4. So what are showmasters involvement in this? Is it just something they are advertising and helping out with guest contacts etc or are they actively organising it with them?
  5. Good to have different locations so props to SM for that. Out of interest, any idea what Leeds has done to **** off all con companies? Has zero big conventions and population wise is 2nd or 3rd outside of London. Madness
  6. I'm glad SM have picked this weekend. Ok it definitely may have one or two issues for different guests or companies but I can only imagine the hysteria had it been announced for the previous weekend given what's on. I suspect it won't have that much of an impact. People need to calm down
  7. Jeez who would have thought my wee post would cause so much anger. The other thing that I know a few people did this year to ensure early entry and to meet the guests is to buy an exhibitor space £150 so cheaper than a gold. Rock into the venue whenever they want, straight in before all queues. Wristband acts as a VQT for all queues plus with the added bonus of they had their own table and chairs to chill at. Not my thing but people have been exploiting this loophole for years now. Sometimes they bring flyers for a blog or some junk they want to sell as well so it doesn't look like an empty table.
  8. As if people are complaining that there is too many good guests and too much on offer haha! If you need VQs and want a guaranteed low number then queue early. It's simple
  9. 6am is the absolute latest anyone should be there if they want lowest VQ tickets. I know showmasters don't want panic but it's false to say that they can arrive later than that and be amongst the first. SM admit themselves that these events are getting bigger and bigger each year and with that unfortunately means earlier and earlier starts for those who who really wanna get there early for stuff
  10. Great effort Jason. Looking forward to it. Point of note though - SDCC don't pay for guests to attend. The studios and film companies etc actively encourage and fund their clients to attend that con because of the worldwide exposure. I expect its one of the reasons they can do things like free autographs. Hopefully the case with LFCC in future :)
  11. Oh yeah of course, everyone has the right to refuse anything they want. That being said, any shop or event that has staff dealing with money should be teaching them 'notes with sterling are fine' it's like money 101 haha.
  12. I have a stack of £1 notes I was hoping to use up in London. I'm assuming Showmasters have no issues with these either. I would dread an awkward moment in front of a guest whilst they have to check my money with a supervisor
  13. I'm assuming it's a game of thrones screening with cast commentary again. Think we have had that for last two years and its sold out each time so no reason why they wouldn't do it again
  14. Yip managed to get my tickets for Saturday luckily. In my opinion she is a much bigger guest than alot of the others that have has 'build up' threads. In terms of relevancy etc she will sell more photos/autos than the likes of Gambon/Paxton etc even if they were the same price. As mentioned elsewhere the line up this year is fantastic
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