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  1. I can understand what you are saying. I should of asked my question as well, which would help. Basically if we buy Saturday photo shoot Diamond pass there is a chance we wouldn't be able to get an auto on that day too? I'm sure that is what you are saying and apologies for sounding dense, but this will determine for my wife if we go as we can only attend Saturday at present. Thank you.
  2. Can I ask why the diamond passes don't have autograph days to match photo days? My Wife wants to attend for Saturday and would buy a diamond pass for Mads and I'd get one for Pamela. it just seems strange why a ticket can guarantee photo shoot for a day, but not the autograph. You'll have a pass number for the photos as well as tickets. You could end up with situations where people have their photo on Saturday, but are barred from autos until Sunday.
  3. I agree the con was much more organised this year. Much easier to get in. Saturday did feel quieter though, which was good for me. The guests I met were great. Laurie Holden spoke about her the shield character. Carl weathers was talking about the hits he had to take in Rocky. And Bonnie Langford was just so lovely. My fiancé sadly won't attend another event as she was upset about the mads selfie Friday but none Saturday, which is a shame. Overall much better organised great guests, but someone attending Saturday should have the same options with guests as a Friday attendee. Definetely an improvement on last year.
  4. But she's an incredibly rare signer so imagine she didn't want to let her fans down. It's a shame people didn't know that was the reason before they met her.
  5. Fair play to her for even turning up with a broken rib.
  6. I do understand the points being made, but this does potentially mean diamond pass holders could have less of an experience than normal auto purchases, which is a shame.
  7. I completely see your point. It just makes the autos and diamond passes seem less valuable on a Saturday sadly.
  8. My fiancé met him today. As nice as always but even though she was second inline to meet him at the auto the no posed photos sign was up already. She was very disappointed especially after buying a diamond pass and seeing the mass of selfies yesterday. There should be some consistency I think.
  9. I don't necessarily agree with the last point. If they're only interests in one guest that's their choice and I doubt said guest cancelling will make them come and experience the whole event. However with the present system we know what the risks are when booking.
  10. No. Sell them a normal entry ticket in the combo package. Sell a "Diamond Pass + Standard Entry Ticket Combo". Then if the guest cancels, everything gets refunded. And if they want to see other people in the Con, they can pay like everyone else does. I see the logic here, but only if they've bought a pass etc for that guest only. Because you could have Ron pull out but they have five other photos etc. The problem is that gets very messy looking for a pass with one guest only, so imagine not that practical.
  11. Firstly I think we can all agree that tweeting actors directly is not on, to say the least. However I do agree with the pint josh and murph make. You either make big guest announcements for the household names or you don't. And there needs to be some consistency. Some diamond guests didn't even get much build up I believe. Then some regular guests got huge build up. It's very erratic. It's a simple point showmasters have the right to announce anyway they want, but then in turn you can't control how people will react.
  12. I think people are getting more used to the hype although it doesn't help sometime. In terms of moaning etc this is a consumer business and I think we are entitled to feed back. It's then the organisers choice to act upon it if they are able.
  13. I remember the bigger and better comment too. I am also holding out hope for a massive guest. Hopefully lol.
  14. The thing is, they do it once and everybody expects it every time. I know LFCC is the flagship show and we should expect the highest calibre guests to be there but it still comes down to availability, interest from the proposed guests, fee, ect. It may not come together every time. Yes they may be able to book Arnie but if he's charging hundreds of thousands for appearing the organisers have to say ' it's not affordable'. I completely agree It creates an expectation. But unfortunately that can mean if there isn't that same calibre it feels like a lesser event this year. Nice guests this year, yes rare signers, but it does feel like a comedown sadly. Although I do appreciate some of that is out of their hands.
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