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  1. just such a lovely guy, one of the best we have had at a show
  2. Iain Glen seemed a little.... off... I love meeting the guests but he didn't seem to talkative which i thought was a shame. Lew Temple was such a lovely man, one of the nicest people i ever met. Christopher Ryan was such a dude, a gent and Robert Knepper was awesome as always. Even though it was cold, it was still a great atmosphere and i'm glad the guests didn't seem to mind. Just a shame about Iain as i liked him in Prisoners Wives and Kick Ass 2...
  3. I know there are some guests that could never happen but seeing Nicholas's current standing do you think it could happen? Be curious to know others thoughts. Would love for Henry winkler also :)
  4. I'm intrigued... how dd it not go well??
  5. Great guest....so happy that wrestling guests are coming now... would love some more in the future, especially someone like Hulk Hogan :) great work , thank you
  6. So i went Sunday as i was on holiday until Saturday night and if i am honest, it was the quietest i had ever seen a show. Met Dean Cain - what a dude, lovely guy and he did a couple of photos with me over the table, maybe as it was about 4pm Sunday. Robert Englund was lovely and talked to me and my girlfriend for a good 15 minutes - all that was missing was a comfy chair and some biscuits. I also met Mark Rolston, he was really nice. Still a good show but can't believe how dead it was...i felt bad for some of the guests
  7. I hate to spoil the surprise guys, but it's actually me. I'm the guest :) now please form a line and photo shoots will start at 2pm. thank you :)
  8. I am in Ibiza until the Saturday night so can only come the Sunday
  9. You bring over Terry Bollea ( hulk Hogan) evern as a guest for another show, you will see the crowds that dude will pull in.
  10. Awesome...anyone from Shawshank is a bonus for me :)
  11. captain birdseye :) I take it he got out safe and sound from the ship then
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