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  1. The poorest line up At Cardiff, noticed Brighton has had a few guests from walking dead added. Anyone would be good, especially on the Saturday. I cant understand with the BBC studios round the corner and all the programmes filmed around the area how you have not got many quality guests. So far there is no major stars and its looking like a washout. Time you paid Cardiff a bit more attention as it gets worse every show. At least the cosplayers will be there. I expect this will be locked down or removed by mods as you cannot criticize even if you are a paying customer !!
  2. I hope that there is going to be a few more guests added, it is the poorest at the Cardiff event to date. There are no major stars other than Colin Baker and as I'm not a Dr who fan, a lot of the other guests do not appeal to me. Please add some better guests as unlike many although I enjoy the cosplay and stores, a major part for me is to meet stars from my favourite shows.
  3. Now that this is the new date will there be any new Guest announcements as two of the four have already cancelled. Several big names guests cancelled last Cardiff Con, and were not replaced of the same calibre if not at all ! After changing the dates several times it would be nice to think you will be pushing for several higher profile guests to make up for all of the above !
  4. Robert Englund (missed him last time), Sid Haig, Kane Hodder, any of the casts of Breaking Bad, Black sails, Agents of Sheild.the 100, and especially the Walking dead. Charles Dance, John Hurt. and Maybe a big welsh actor like Michael Sheen. Also since Kurt Sutters new series The Bastad Executioner is being filmed in Wales how about some of the cast or even Sutter himself.
  5. He always had people at his desk every time I passed, but looked like he had lots of time for people very approachable. Its usually less busy on Sundays
  6. Its always my favourite part of the going to these shows and was the best ive seen at Cardiff, some amazing creations and you've made my kids day with your friendliness. The Maleficent girl was my favourite(awesome costume) but all of you should be proud that was an amazing turn out ! hope you top it in November.
  7. This is really disappointing, all of the 3 I wanted to meet are now cancelled. This line up has been poor in comparison to following years and to other shows following at other locations. It surprises me that in the area that is famed for the BBC productions and all the recent films and the sport attached to Cardiff those resources are not used. There also seems to be no effort in Adding big names after a big guest has cancelled. Surely when arranging these events a back up plan should be important.
  8. It usually is by the front doors, but at the last comic con it was on the first floor near to where the photos were being taken.
  9. A big thanks to the staff behind the info desk, extremely helpful and courteous. Especially the young woman with glasses that ended up on the Sylvester McCoy shoot. Me and my kids had a fantastic time this was such a change to our experience at London in the summer. The staff are a credit to showmasters and a credit to all the hard work putting on a show like this....cant wait till the next one !
  10. Looks like not only is he Aquaman but his debut will be in Batman vs Superman!
  11. Buy your tickets now as last year the pay on the day cue stretched round the whole Motorpoint on the Saturday, depending on what tickets you buy your entry shouldn't be long after the entry time you buy the cues move fast. Inside its not expensive and is pretty much the same as on line for products, but you get to see them in the flesh as well as many items you wouldn't expect to find as well as some rare items ( the stalls are great ). Food and drink can be expensive but nothing more than you would expect from these arenas. The cosplays are always impressive and approachable and are definatley the best part of the weekend. Hopefully more guests will be added soon ( Im wishing for horror stars, but don't mind as theres always someone to see) Have a great time on your first Comic con, once you've been once youll be gagging to go again !!
  12. Thanks jc I didn't hold out much hope for a response, ive been trying to ring them too but it always seems to go to answer machine....gosh they must be really busy !
  13. Unfortunatley showmasters do not like criticism, many of my earlier posts complaining about the Stan Lee photo shoot have gone missing. None of them were personal or abusive just factual and about my personal experience. Ive taken advise from other users and from a post from Jason himself and emailed to ask for answers to my complaints and even tried to ring them for the past few days but no one seems to want to have the decency to reply. It seems to be case of you've paid your money hard luck.
  14. John Carpenter, Robert Englund, Sid Haig and Kane Hodder, plus Giancarlo Esposito. But my dream guest would be Bruce Campbell
  15. If anyone is planning to book a hotel, it is Wales vs Australia on the 8th so could be busy. Also don't just look at Cardiff as Penarth and Barry are very close and just a short train ride (15mins ).
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