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  1. Does anyone have an idea of what background Jodie’s ‘on the Tardis Green screen’ photo will be please? I’m wondering whether it will be round a console or in front of the Tardis door like previous Dr Who shoots.
  2. 5-10 minutes doesn't seem like a lot of time to do all of his Diamond Pass Autographs
  3. HI, Queen_Sindel, thanks for posting this. I have noticed that John Leeson is listed as being on a Friday , but he is only at London isn't he up to now?
  4. Now that Sharon D Clarke has cancelled, if there are no more guests added on the Sunday, is it likely that the photoshoots after Sharons will get moved up to earlier times? I know no-one can say for certain obviously, but has it happened before that guests photoshoots have started earlier cos of cancelled guests?
  5. Thanks I am only batch 7 for John Simm, is it likely batch 7 Diamonds for Simm would be called in the morning? Or is it is a case of they call up to batch 4 diamonds then start just the photoshoot batches off?
  6. Can Diamond passes go to either morning or afternoon photoshoots no matter what batch they are?
  7. On the Olympia London website itself, if you go to Whats On it lists the events. Under Spring Comic con it says Entrance Olympia National. The other two shows on that weekend state Central Entrance. Im pretty sure the Spring con is being held in the National hall area, so it would make sense that it would be the National Entrance. The other 2 events don't open until 10am, so if you're planning to join the queue before 9am, then Spring con should be the only queue.
  8. There is Childcare Expo at Olympia on 1st -2nd March and it says for them to use the Olympia Central Entrance for that. There is also a Knitting and Stitching Show on 28th Feb -3rd March, again its says to use the Olympia Central Entrance. For The London Spring con it says to use the Olympia National Entrance
  9. How many people is there likely to be in each DP batch?
  10. Thats great, thank-you for all of your help. I will mull it over overnight, and decide by tomorrow incase it sells out with more guest announcements due tomorrow night.
  11. Thank-you for your reply :-) Do you know what time non-golds have to start queuing outside for entry compared to golds? Also do golds get priority In diamond pass queues (if they have both the diamond pass and the gold)
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