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  1. Largely expected this after he was announced for the Queen biopic a few weeks back. Shame, but hope the film is good!
  2. X-Men/Wolverine/Deadpool/Legion/The Gifted/New Mutants guests would be fantastic! There's a rather large number of them now, so here's hoping for two or three! A good number of them have been in other popular properties as well; would love to meet some of the Westworld cast so James Marsden is pretty high on a guest wish list for me. Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Ed Skrein, Rila Fukushima, Richard E Grant and Peter Dinklage also tick X-Men and Game of Thrones boxes Patrick Stewart, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Dan Stevens, Aubrey Plaza, Evan Peters, Oscar Isaac, Ray Park... so many would be great to meet for multiple roles! Oh and a few directors I'd love to meet; Taika Waititi, Bryan Singer, James Gunn, Guillermo del Toro, Ava DuVernay, James Mangold, Edgar Wright, Duncan Jones, Joss Whedon. I'm sure I'll think of loads more. I assume it's harder to get working directors since they seem constantly busy, but I would love to listen to some talks, or even screening + q&a sessions with them!
  3. I appreciate that Raylenth, and largely expected a response along those lines. I mostly just wanted to reiterate my own interest and hopefully provoke others into discussion as the board has been noticeably quiet for months now. But as an autograph collector primarily, the wording of 'hope to have' above re: guests and no mention in the initial announcement post does still seem curious enough to ask again about it.
  4. Any word on if/when there'll be a guest announcement? Don't want to be a nuisance - I know everyone's busy with the next few events - just it's drawing nearer and I've been checking daily with anticipation and starting to plan whether I'm attending :)
  5. I usually go on about X-Men guests in these threads, but I've only recently noticed that Ben Hardy is attending the Amsterdam convention the weekend before this, and the Cardiff one the fortnight after. Both are a bit of a trek to get to, so if he's available for Doncaster in between that'd be great!
  6. 'Lovable rogue' - Rogue One perhaps? Hmm, still sensing Mads Mikkelsen.
  7. Going to guess Mads Mikkelsen, based on that might-be-a-clue tweet that mentioned 'whet your appetite' and 'patient' - Hannibal came to mind. Edit: and I see someone on twitter thought the same!
  8. VERY nice! I think I'll be attending on a different day, which is a shame, but definitely a fantastic guest for the event! Also David, some nice deflecting work on the tease thread on Wednesday.
  9. Tweet: "The best part is knowing that even if you've guessed it right, you'll spend the next 6+ hour debating with yourselves and going crazy" Ha he knows the customer base too well.
  10. And the word 'fortysomething' in a tweet, turns out Cumberbatch was in something called this in 2003. 100% positive by now!
  11. If it is Benedict Cumberbatch, going to feel a small measure of success in guessing it so quickly Also been thinking the 'huge' and 'big' remarks could be referring to the dragon Smaug? He wasn't particularly small!
  12. The more I think about 'big' and 'huge', my mind goes to The BFG or Colossal. Mark Rylance? Anne Hathaway? And of course Paul Rudd's turn as Giant-Man
  13. Probably reading into things too much as usual when it comes to these but two consecutive tweets mentioning 'clues' and 'doctor' made me think Benedict Cumberbatch.
  14. I'm sure he'll be mega busy, but if Joss Whedon is in the UK for Justice League reshoots, and it being Buffy's anniversary...
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