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    Please can someone post a picture of Cher2a herself? My memory fails me.
  2. Jog

    J K Rowling...

    So it's allowed on a website but he isn't allowed to publish a book? And she said "She denied the case was about money and accused Mr Vander Ark of "an act of betrayal" in using her fiction as the basis for his guide." WTF is he going to make a guide on? His house, oh because that would sell. That makes no sense at all, KB isn't a multi-millionaire that can already afford just about anything he wants in the world.
  3. You have to put 'ums' at the end of whatever you call it. For example, Monica - Monicums; Rosie - Rosums; Bertie - Bertums etc.
  4. Aww thanks everyone! In the summer we'll have to arrange another sight seeing London meet, it was actually amazing! x
  5. Variety pack? Amazing! We'll have to go out *legally* now! They probably still won't accept my ID, oh well. "I teach primary school students that look older than you" What is the old man about? haha
  7. Jog


    Lordz of da Ring Riderz. LOLZ meep.
  8. Jog


    I ave got one from eligah woodwood LOLZ I'm bored.
  9. Jog

    I love...

    blah blah blah blah blah blah
  10. You watch the Simspons too much =P Happy Birthday MM!
  11. Nice to see you around Mark, looks really good!
  12. If I won Euro Millions I could please everyone, prft!
  13. Unfortunately not. There's not a Wii version yet, and I don't think they'll have the older version(s) for download yet. Closest you'll get is if they run a Gamecube version on it. Prft
  14. Ye 'ave t' do it! 'ave I told ye about th' amazin' pirate cake in Waitrose?
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