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  1. do you mean like Collectormania & London & Film Convention, the name?
  2. thats kind of stupid for people to do that, and it is a shame for people who would not do anything like that
  3. will it be like that in all collectormanias for heroes guests? because i wasn't there
  4. yeah it will be wicked, ill be sure to be goin on the fansite but if you want you can go on http://heroeswiki.com/Main_Page and get all information on Heroes yeah add pictures, information on the stars, on the charectors, Wallpapers, and i dont think that theres many Heroes Fansites out so it will be good. Hope that helps
  5. i like the 15 minutes at the end when it is Uncovered, wicked watchin it again cant wait to get the DVD
  6. and there will be a game coming out, which will be really good
  7. yeah i would love everybodies
  8. it will be interesting what Kane will be like, because Molly walker said he was worse than Sylar
  9. For a weekend con it's not really expensive. £75-£85 seems to be the norm. Which I grant you, is not cheap, but they are good fun and worth going to. how much will the Autographs be on the days because if it is five pound to get it and you spend 75 quid on Autographs thats alright but with the ticket sales at 75 i was just wandering how much the Autographs would be
  10. i have a question, why is it so expensive?
  11. well id love to meet, Nora, Adrian, Hiro, Ali, Hayden, Zachary, Milo & Adair
  12. anyone like Shia Lebeuf, Josh Duhamel, Megan Fox, Anthony Anderson, Tyrese Gibson would be wicked
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