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  1. Jason_Voorhees

    Smoking electric cigarettes inside

    Utter rubbish!
  2. Jason_Voorhees

    Smoking electric cigarettes inside

    Some people have too much time on their hands.
  3. Jason_Voorhees

    Latest Comic Guest Announcement - JAMES O'BARR

    Been on the wish list since forever but how am I supposed to afford to go to Cardiff
  4. Jason_Voorhees

    GUEST DAYS AND PRICES - updated 24/09/12

    Harry Manfredini?
  5. Jason_Voorhees

    Spartacus Guests

    Was just about to post a topic to suggest Spartacus guests until I came across this one. With such a great cast list it'd be silly not to!
  6. Adding Craig Parker now means I have a clash with Michael Socha. What's a guy to do?!
  7. Jason_Voorhees

    Latest Guest Announcement: JOHN SIMM

    Showmasters have not been my friend today lol Great announcement!
  8. Jason_Voorhees

    Introducing Yourself

    I'm probably going to attend this weekend now. I'd like to see a couple more guests announced though to make it worth my while.
  9. Jason_Voorhees


    Just finished watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand and would love to meet some of the stars from this. Andy Whitfield John Hannah Peter Mensah Lucy Lawless Craig Parker ... to name but a few.
  10. Jason_Voorhees

    SPURS 1984 uefa cup reunion

    Gary Mabbutt was and still is the Spurs player I look up to the most. Words can't express how happy I am about this.
  11. Jason_Voorhees

    Latest Guest Announcement - CHRISTOPHER RYAN

    YES! More Young Ones guests please!
  12. Jason_Voorhees

    latest Guest Announcement - MARK SHEPPARD

    Met him a couple of times. A very nice chap indeed.
  13. Jason_Voorhees

    latest Guest Announcement - CLIVE BARKER

    I haven't been this excited about a guest in ages. The guy is a true legend. I love his work!!!!
  14. Jason_Voorhees

    The Football Chat

    Liverpool had their chances but never took them and payed for it. Spurs are definitely up there with the best on current form, they just need to stop conceding so many goals but at least Dawson is back in training. A couple more league wins on the bounce will put us right back in the mix. Birmingham and Chelsea next and right now I fancy our chances against anyone.
  15. Jason_Voorhees

    Party Music

    Can I have some Professor Green please?