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  1. Cher2a


    Ian's dad saw these guys live at the festival up in Scotland earlier this year. I've met the guys a few times at conventions. They're cool.
  2. Yes, I am still writing comic books, but for the time being I am pursuing a special project which I hope will raise awareness and money for certain causes and charities, rather than my usual 'Project Raven', 'The Reaping', 'Eleventh Hour', etc, titles, since as you can imagine I'd rather not have my ex as my boss right now - lol.
  3. Cher2a


    Hi Darling! Welcome back! Things are well, my conventions are over for the year, and in holiday mode. What are your holiday plans Cher? Holiday plans?.. Not Applicable - lol. Well, I had a lovely Christmas planned with my ex and his lovely family, but that is not going to happen... And my family do not celebrate Christmas, so I guess that I will be spending the holidays alone and without any presents or cards or trees or parties or anything... Miserable, is it not? Still, before I met him I was a right Scrooge, so I guess I shall just be returning to old habits. Perhaps one day
  4. A white Blade goes against everything Blade IS... A black Doctor is completely plausable because his DNA structure is altered for each regeneration...
  5. Love the comics. Love the films. Love the series. It was shown a LOT over here, but not on Freeview or any of the Terestrial channels. It was on Bravo and Virgin. It is definitely worth a buy. It was sadly cancelled due to it being too expensive for the network to handle. It was really popular, but they could not afford to keep making it... Which sucks, because the finale was awesome! Hopefully a different network will pick it up... But it is doubtful...
  6. Cher2a


    Hi, Shabs, How are things? It's been a long time... I need to catch up on what I have missed!
  7. Hi, everyone! Okay, so some of you will know me, and some of you will not. Two years ago, I moved in with a friend in Kent, and stopped posting on the Forums. I also stopped doing the convention itself. Anyway, said-friend became boyfriend, and said-boyfriend is now EX boyfriend, so I have moved back to London... So, after two years of being practically inactive, I have decided to come back... So, um... Hey? Lol. Long-time-no-see/post!
  8. Oh wow... I didn't even know... That's tragic... He was such a talented bloke...
  9. Cheeky monkey Will you be attending Nicky? I haven't seen you in what?.. Two years? Almost that, I should think... Maybe a year?.. I have no sense of time - lol - but I know it has been ages. Thanks for mentioning it Rich. Yes, a few comic creators and fans have actually asked me why there are no americans at LFCC, and I pointed out the fact that there is a major, major clash with one of the largest comic conventions in the world... Which is in the US, so really the US creators edge more towards that than a London convention they have never heard of... Still, hopefully next year you'
  10. Cher2a


    Hi Shabs! I totally just realised that I didn't take a photograph with you at CollectorMania this year... Wow, there is a first! I'm shocked! Lol. Anyway, I'm just popping in to give you a buzz, and let you know the results of the Eagle Awards... Drum roll please... Yeah, we didn't win. Some comic that no one had ever heard of won, but all on the night were agreed that we should have got it (not just us)... Still, there is always next year, and a Nomination was very welcome and a big achievement! Next year I'm aiming for the Best Newcomer Writer title... Once I have my first OGN (Original G
  11. Cher2a


    Shabs my man - I've got me an Award Nomination!!! I'm so excited!!! (Please Vote for meeee - http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index....howtopic=37604)
  12. Eleventh Hour (and one of our artists) has been Nominated for an Eagle Award!!! Thank you to everyone who nominated us to be nominated (yes, I know it's a silly system), but please, please, please Vote for us, now, so we can walk home with the Award! Also, please vote for Azim Akberali, one of our greatest talents here at the Studio! Favourite Newcomer Artist AZIM AKBERALI Favourite Artist: Fully-Painted Artwork AZIM AKBERALI Favourite Black and White Comicbook - British ELEVENTH HOUR Visit http://www.eagleawards.co.uk/vote.asp to Vote. Thank you! Ps. My friend Dwight's book
  13. Cher2a


    *ADORES*!!! Congratulations, hun. Sorry it was hard... But you got there in the end!
  14. Cher2a


    Pizza sounds good! I didn't have a picture either!. It was awsome meeting the Donavan! I will have my camera charges and ready for the next time, Nextime Gadjet, Next time. Lovin ya from here, Shabs Is that my new name? I am no longer "the Cher" - I am now "the Donovan"! (Yes, you spelt it wrong ) "The Donovan" is going to have a LOT of comics at CollectorMania. Please feel free to buy one. (Speaking of which - did you see the previews that I gave you last page? Also, you can now check out a promotional video for the new issue... It's pretty cool! Ian made
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