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  1. It's Moriarty messing with the website! Seems everyone is in the same boat so keep trying and someone will get through when it's sorted.
  2. Would love this to get to 499 then you just say, "nah, not happening" lol
  3. Just to contribute to the side note of the bridge photoshoot; The one static light that could be seen was there purely to brighten the set up. All other lights (screens, panels, vents etc) were all set up to go off with the camera in sync. Therefore the pictures that were printed out looked as they should be with the set functioning.
  4. Hi guys, We saw some of the fantastic cosplay at London Film and Comic Con last weekend and thought this would be the best place to speak to you all. We're looking for larger Dr who props / costumes for a concept photoshoot. In particular Daleks, police box, cybermen etc. This shoot is set up with the potential to be used by an official licensee of Dr Who, so your costume / prop could be used to promote official Dr Who merchandise. Participation is entirely voluntary, however you will receive professional photographs of your costume / prop in use. You might even walk away with some of the exclusive new merchandise yourself. contact David@two-d.co.uk if you can help!
  5. And Megan Fox can? When did I say that? Be careful, Nicky will unleash a hypocritical, heavily bias argument against you and expect you to accept it's you that's wrong for making a statement based purely on your personal view. This is hilarious, all I've done is disagreed with the love for Angelina Jolie and now words are being put into my mouth. I didn't say anything of the sort. I said I called BS when you said you thought Jolie was ugly. I never said anyone mentioned here was ugly. I will also point out any hetero-sexual man who finds Jolie attractive is not a 'weirdo'. That's a very condecending POV. The point I was making when I quoted you about weirdos was: who are you to set the standard? I do think she's ugly. No BS there. She looks like a crack whore. Maybe that's your thing?
  6. And are you really saying what I said was bull? Glad this forum has someone with such impressive perception skills that they can tell who's lying. Now I know that I was talking bull I can change my view on the one actor or actress that I mentioned and happened to (apparantly mistakenly) dislike as both an actor and pin up. Phew. Enjoy yourself, this has only reminded me of why so many don't bother with this any more.
  7. Hold up Nicky... Don't be a hypocrite, you're now saying I'm not allowed to not find someone attractive. Jolie, I genuinely don't find attractive, she looks like a crack addict in the last couple of years. What's attractive about that? I didn't say Fox wasn't hot, just not the hottest, to be honest I agree with your choice, Olivia Wilde is in my opinion far more attractive than either. It's my opinion that where you would say I'm saying it just to go against the grain, (which is untrue) on the same vein I could suggest those who say she is still attractive are saying so in order to with the grain. No need to argue over this, everyone is free to their own opinion. Just everyone else stated their opinion and it was fine, I said something different and exception was taken to it? Hmm
  8. Fox. Jolie cannot act. See Salt for the best example, painfully crap. Also, she hasn't looked anything more than a straining skeleton for a long time. In fact, in was only a brief period that she didn't. I'm not saying Fox is the hottest woman on the planet and she seems to be a bit of a dick, but only women and weirdos believe Jolie is still good looking. I know i'm going back to it, but she looked horrific in Salt.
  9. KB


    How dare people use the options available to them! How dare people ignore net etiquette! How dare people...
  10. I want facts and figures on every minority's view on the comments. What? you don't have them? Then why are you answering for them? Thanks for telling me what to say and what i'm thinking... I never want to meet you. You presumptuous a*se. I would like to add another small point that magnifies the stupidity of your ill informed argument. There are no concrete figures on the numbers of immigrants in this country as a large number are illegal and come into the country unlawfully. The people who are here legitimately i have no problem with, unless they join the citizens who lie to the government causing people who do pay to eventually pay more. That doesn't make me racist.
  11. I agree that it has been used as a derogatory word, i don't think that is in doubt. However, the word is only really offensive if a person takes being associated with their nationality as an insult. If you choose to ignore it, eventually it'll die out. Words can change their meaning if people let them. Look at the word gay for example, it started as a term for happy and in good spirits, then changed over time to be associated with a sexuality. You could even take examples from what words are acceptable on tv now. Bitch is now said on a day to day basis on tv shows. That wouldn't have been allowed years ago whilst some of these terms were. Like i said though, i do agree it has been derogatory and still can be, but i would prefer it if newspapers and journalists wouldn't just assume it is meant that way every time anyone uses it. Have to agree with Lennybear though, Nicky says it's hard to explain to people who have never been or will never be an ethnic minority, but i disagree. I think the UK has become so multinational that it has or is becoming a minority in it's own country. This is a totally different point, but i'd like England or any country to remain the people they are. Not in a keep out sort of way, but just if people come to our country they shouldn't expect us to make exceptions for their culture if we dont expect it were we to go to their country. My targets in that point are people who move to this country and then preach against it. Why move here then? and why do we give them benefits? Before anyone says i'm being racist there i'm not. I think if people want to be here then fine, but if they clearly dont then why pay them money to moan about it. It's true of some tax evading, UK born benefit cheats too. rant over
  12. I think the whole thing is ridiculous. PC brigade jumping on their usual band wagon. The guy he said it to didn't bat an eyelid, and hasn't said anything in response. His parents didn't say anything in 'outrage', just his uncle. Who to be perfectly honest seems like he just wants the attention. I agree with TeamGB. It's only negative because people allow it to be negative. Also, it can't be denied that it's a shortened version of their nationality. Sure, there was a nastier side to it before, and i'm sure it'll be used that way again, but so will words that aren't referring to race and are probably more offensive. What's insulting about having your nationality pointed out to you? There's an advert for the navy currently showing with a scottish guy being nicknamed jock. Where's the difference? People choose to take some things as insults, just as some choose to use them as insults. How do you think the MOWO (Music Of White Origin) awards would go down? I think in some cases it's the PC brigade that need to grow up and realise there's a new generation who for some part at least find the whole race thing a bit ridiculous. Just because they grew up without foreign interaction doesnt mean everyone else did or does. Schools now are filled with cultures and races. However, i would like to add that i think all races should be proud of their heritage. including British, and from my point of view i'd prefer England to celebrate being English much more. We celebrate massively of St Patricks day but St George's day is a much smaller event. Maybe i've gone off on one there.
  13. They were buying the same stuff elsewhere cheaper. How can you possibly say what has happened is disgusting? It's fair to say that the downturn in the economy isn't their fault, but if you borrow more than you have then you're pretty fu*king screwed if the s*** hits the fan. What i find disgusting is that companies like general motors have been bailed out by their government, and our government is considering bailing out car manufacturers here. Granted, it may save a lot of jobs, but what makes them any different to companies like zavvi and the others that have gone down who also contribute to people's incomes and lives? Companies that big shouldn't be so dependent on other people's money, no company should. Unfortunately most are.
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