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  1. Still can't believe they got Sigourney! Best guest SM have ever got. Wish I had met her. So pleased to hear how lovely she once!
  2. When I saw him he was standing next to a photo on a wall of Leonard Nimoy and I nearly crapped myself. I had that moment where I thought I was the only one who could see him haha He was incredible!
  3. I took screen prints on my phone of the levels so I could see where the photo shoots area were. It was so helpful to me and it meant I could find things on my own. I also did a post-it note before getting to the show with the two photo times for each guest and the photo area they were in. I treat a show like this the same way I would going on holiday somewhere - prepare and note down everything. It was hot and full of people, but I have been caught up in mosh pits at gigs so I was prepared! haha
  4. Bill Paxton. I bloody love BILL PAXTON!!
  5. The camera broke in my Michael Gambon photo shoot. While we waited for a new camera, I got to watch him sit down and eat sausage rolls while Jimi Hendrix played on the iPod. Love it!
  6. Hannah also helped me find photo shoot A for my Michael Gambon photo. She was with her own guest, but was still really helpful with a fan who was totally lost haha
  7. This is looking like SDCC. Bloody hell. You've gone crazy with what is going on! Penny Dreadful
  8. Thanks so much SM! This is so epic! She is technically one of the most important people in my life, without being too OTT The X Files WAS my youth. And she's still being awesome in loads of stuff. I met her last weekend, she is so nice. I CAN'T WAIT!
  9. Denis O'Hare - I HAVE TO MEET HIM. Everything he is in is gold. Alexander Skarsgård - Yes, yes he's good looking, but really he's just my fave character in the show. Anna Paquin - why the hell not?
  10. I've met Megan and Angelina, and looks wise Angelina wins to an insane level. Megan was lovely but she looked plastic up close. Jolie looked flawless. Acting wise, no contest! Jolie.
  11. I love Gene Hackman SO much, but I only like autos when I get to meet them. That is just how I do things. I do realise I'll never meet Gene though, so I can see why this is an ace idea.
  12. Yay, have missed her the other times. Will be lovely to meet her and David on the same day!
  13. For people asking why Sunday? He might have said he can only do that day. SM won't go "oh well, we don't want you if you won't do Saturday!". Also, SM need to spread top guests out. For both the show to make entry money and for the buzz of the show. Makes sense!! I wasn't doing Sunday either, but I bloody am now! SO HAPPY!
  14. Can finally reply!!! Saw his name announced. Ran straight to the online shop and got that photo. Didn't care about price, or what day. NOTHING MATTERED. THIS IS INSANE. And so sweet that Georgia is doing it with him. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH
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