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  1. Letters for those people who booked at the last event were posted this evening, they should start landing on your doormats on Thursday morning. If yours doesn't arrive, just bring your photo ID as normal and we'll find you on the list :)
  2. Hi everyone. So, I remembered the code within about half an hour but the relief was short-lived. The refund function on the card machine refused to work and we weren't able to push it though with the company who provide the card machines. I spent ages on the phone with them, but to no avail Mark has now asked me to email everyone for bank transfer details or details for sending out a cheque, and you should've received that just a moment ago because I just clicked 'send.' I'm missing a couple of addresses, but I should have those tomorrow and I'll send the email to the rest of you asap. Anyone who was helpful enough to send card details - please be assured that those emails will be deleted now that they're no longer required. I really appreciate that you tried to help us out on that one, and I'm sorry that we weren't able to run with Plan A. Sorting out your refunds (and free gifts, we haven't forgotten!) is a priority, I'm sorry it looks like that hasn't been the case.
  3. Thanks to those who've emailed details :) Refunds have been delayed cuz I can't remember the supervisor code, on the bloody card machine. I've asked the office and will get on it ASAP!
  4. I can't answer that, I'm afraid. I'm not always privy to secret stuff :)
  5. Oh, and I apologise for my slow response. I only found out tonight that the announcement had been made! I should check the forum more often...
  6. I'll be making a start refunding the electronic purchases on Saturday. All refunds will be sent to the card you used via the online shop. Anyone who paid on the day (in cash or by card) needs to email the shop address with card details I can send the refund to. Feel free to split the info if you're concerned about email security. I only need the full card number and expiry. We don't need extra details for most refunds, no CVC code for example. shop@showmastersevents.com
  7. Yvie

    Last Orders

    The online shop will be closing on Wednesday, but there will still be tickets available on the door.
  8. Reg letters are en route! Please wait until the weekend before chasing your letter. They have ALL been posted, so please give the postman a chance to do his job :) Apologies for sending them a little later than usual, getting to the post office during the day is tricky! See you soon!
  9. Hi everyone! We have never needed to know your Tshirt sizes before the event, so please don't go to the trouble of emailing us about it :) When you register at the event, you'll be able to choose a size from those available. In fairness to everyone, we don't reserve Tshirts for any individuals; it's first come first served.
  10. So that I can get the final orders processed in time for the weekend, the online shop will close for MMPC orders when I get home from my day job on Wednesday afternoon. All ticket types will be available on the door, so even if you haven't booked in advance you should still feel very welcome to join us! Yvie Massive Events
  11. The online shop facility, stationery, postage, salary, credit card processing fees and a dozen other things are covered by the £3 charge. Additionally, passes double-up as your autograph and photoshoot tickets (where applicable) and are therefore irreplaceable, for this reason we do not risk losing them in the mail. Please check out the event's FAQs which clearly explain that a Registration Letter will be sent and that you bring this with you to collect your Registration Pack: http://massiveevents.co.uk/powercon/faq.html I hope you enjoy the event :)
  12. Namine, you might want to check which address you're using because my emails are up to date and I didn't see any from you or any about this topic. We don't really mind if your ID has expired. We just want to see something with a name and a photo on it, your passports will be fine :)
  13. Most of the letters were posted yesterday, with the rest following today. They should be with you soon. Please don't email me to chase your letter until next week, give Royal Mail a chance first :) See you soon!!
  14. The online shop will close on the Wednesday before the event and upgrades will be available online until then, provided that they don't sell out. Subject to availability, you will also be able to upgrade on the day. Orders (including upgrades) will be processed again over the weekend.
  15. Haha, I can't click that at work or the IT Police will be after me! Please feel free to repost this information anywhere and everywhere, we'd hate for people to miss out
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