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  1. I had heard (maybe wrongly) that Tanya had withdrawn from the signing circuit for the last few years for personal reasons, but now I see she is doing a big US event. She'd be perfect now for Autographica ......
  2. Don't tell him Pike !!! BRILLIANT ! Sunday only I assume ?
  3. Sorry mate - big disagreement coming here. There is no main dude in Red Dwarf. The show is so good because of the equality of all four main cast, and their relationships on and off screen.
  4. I know we got some info a while back, but can we have more please ? Maybe some pics ?
  5. Guests from beyond the grave that you would like to meet (or meet again) if it were possible. Jim Henson Ronnie Barker Fulton McKay Graham Chapman James Brown Alec Guinness Jon Pertwee Patrick Troughton William Hartnell Warren Zevon Don Henderson Anyone ?
  6. The surroundings and accessability of LFCC The free entry and Elements chinese buffet of MK, The "unlimited additional autos at £5 each" of Better Than Life, Private cinema with guests doing commentaries / Q&A's, commentaries Comfy sofa zone, An on-site Subway restaurant .... I'll think of more !
  7. Luton and Stansted are a bit further away, but they are cheaper to fly to and cheaper to get to Earl's Court from - in my experience anyway. Unfortunately closer means more expensive !
  8. Glad to see Paul McGann (and others) at a tenner. I assume from the way it's worded that Frazer is Sunday ONLY ? I know he is doing a Dr Who Event on the Saturday. Also - you might want to double check the "1st UK signing" for Patrick Durkin. Am I the only one that paid a fiver for him in Birmingham a few years ago ? .... and twenty quid for the Wookie ?
  9. Twice - the first time we are only told about, the second is by Legion in the episode of the same name. He was on the verge of peritinitus ... apparently ! How many parts has Tony Hawks played in RD, and in which episodes.
  10. Just for the record, the next Midlands (whenever it happens) will be the fourth
  11. Do we have to pay for autographs in a brown paper envelope ?
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