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  1. Sadly cant afford to pay anymore money out, just had to buy a new car as mine died so no spednign now
  2. Oh great Ade is b4 i can get in so then i have to wait till late in the day typical!
  3. This just makes show masters even more greedy..surely your rich enough to start robbing money that you don't even need to take.
  4. Chandler riggs and Norman Redus... Please , Chandler is doing tons of US cons.
  5. I'm sure im not the only one that wants these two at an event, Chandler is doing all the round in America ive asked before please can we get him for a UK con... Pleaseeee
  6. I'd love a teen wolf con anyone else? the show is really good and any of the cast would be awesome.
  7. ive read this but couldnt see my answer are you taking card payments for photo seshs? i couldnt pre buy incase i went into labour lol x
  8. I totally agree would love to see him there !! think i would be overcome with a fit of giggles if he was going My sis would die to meet him shes got a massive crush and shes 33 haha!!
  9. Cant come to this, as ill have just given birth.. abosulty gutted
  10. woo have to go now, ill be on maternity leave then!!
  11. My fave scluber!!! I want to go but I'm due to give birth haha it's a maybe tho!!
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