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  1. Quinny83

    Access To Stadium:MK

    I think their will be a free shuttle bus to the stadium from Central MK train station, there has been previous years
  2. Does anyone know if there will be a place for the Costume/ Cosplay groups to get changed and keep there suitcases during the con? Thanks in advance
  3. You mean this one Ash:
  4. Quinny83

    Cloakroom and changing rooms

    Last year there was a toilet off the main concourse that most of the coplayers changed in and left their Suitcases for the duration at their own risk however
  5. Quinny83

    Cosplay Changing area

    On the Saturday of LFCC there was no facilities provided and we all had to change in Alcoves on the gallery level which was open to the public or use various toilets dotted around the building. The reason that showmasters gave was that they ran out of Partitions and so couldn't assemble any changing rooms. On the Sunday however we were given one of the rooms off of the main floor near the front of the hall to change and leave our bags in, but that was only after all the complaints on Saturday I think. So hopefully they should have it all sorted out by then.
  6. Quinny83

    Free Bus Times - post # 7: time table is up!

    Will the bus be running on Friday as well as Saturday and Sunday?
  7. Quinny83

    Gold Pass Query

    On the Tickets purchase page it says the the 12 autographs will be picked randomly, 1 from each of 12 guests, I presume that means you'll get the autos in your admission pack See here Hope this helps Mark
  8. Quinny83

    I don't mean to grumble...

    Nope, they all seem to be attending Elstree Empire Day lol
  9. It's been announced on Facebook on the Kurtz Joiner Archive fanpage, the new guest is Norman Reynolds:
  10. Thats not true, Earls court station is actually a 10 min walk to the hall, the station opposite the venue is west brompton and that is only accessable via the District line which is the one the replacement buses are running on tomorrow
  11. Quinny83

    David Tennant Photoshoot

    OK Thanks, just the person I'm bringing with me on Sunday wanted to know if there'd be any chance.
  12. Hi, I know the online shop sold out ages ago but will there be any tickets left to buy at the event?
  13. Quinny83

    When are tickets going on sale

    Guess I got my answer there Huh? lol
  14. Quinny83

    When are tickets going on sale

    Getting kind of worried now, theres just under 2 months left to this event and so far we've had no word on how much tickets are going to be and how much they will cost, no guests have been announced. Come on is this con happening or not? We're getting very bored waiting now
  15. Quinny83

    Ticket questions?

    They're usually is for most Showmaster events