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  1. What a lovely lady - really made a fuss of my son and had a number of photos with him. Really chatty and seemed genuinely interested when we talked. Fabulous to also meet Joie Vejjajiva and always great to see the lovely Caroline Munro.
  2. She's been tracked down to a studio in Hong Kong, but my bro-in-law is not having any luck making contact with her.
  3. I too thoroughly enjoyed Sunday and it was nice to see Joanna again. I managed to spend time with Gloria Hendry, Papillon So Soo and Caroline Munro but my fave was Rachel MacDowall. As a first time signer, she seemed to really enjoy it and she was so friendly and enjoyed talking about QoF and Mama Mia. It's always nice to catch up with friends and fellow collectors too. Can't wait for next April!!
  4. I agree about the shelf - it was the remnants of lunch I'm afraid (I had the Becks!). On my left was Norman Wanstall, and Eunice and Kate Gayson and they too were lovely. It wasn't all that busy on the saturday so we spent the entire day nattering. It was great fun!
  5. I did leave Dave a message but he didn't call back. I'm guessing he's got contact details already
  6. Just as an aside, he's around in the UK for the next 5-6 days at least, but then off to Paris and further for the next 3 months on his book tour.
  7. Now I know Kiwi 7's identity, I can confirm that both shots of him with Sir Roger & Emma looked fantastic! Emma did a great job as mediator and she looked absolutely fantastic. A real stunner.
  8. Nice pictures, worth treasuring. I hope I get the opportunity for a photo on Thursday!
  9. Excellent - get the pictures up then! Did you have your book dedicated?
  10. This could be the best Autographica yet!!
  11. Some fab guests here Dave - well done. Particularly happy with the latest two announcements.
  12. Nice one - I've missed her on a few occasions. This is going to be an expensive weekend!
  13. I have her contact details...........
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