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  1. I have had 2 tickets sent by Showmasters for Saturday and Hannah Murray which is strange as I already have a ticket I bought for both Hannah and Saturday Entry, I emailed Showmasters who said that the Saturday ticket supersedes my other one which is so odd, does that mean they cancelled my other tickets then realised which is why they replaced them with "Complimentary" tickets? This has never happened to me before which is why I am so confused.
  2. Thanks for the advice, I will try put the Quote I want on a Post It note and hope he sees it and does it.
  3. Hi, for people who have met Shatner before. Will he be doing Quotes even small ones? I have his Diamond Pass and will be adding him to my The Big Bang Theory Poster
  4. Hey thanks for the response and I know those that you mentioned about their cancellations however, with Ming-Na and what I am hearing about those coming from the US are going to follow suit too which is some of the guests it would be nice if Showmasters did put some clarity to what guests are 100% going to be attending. I totally understand those like Ming-Na who won't due to the restriction of COVID in having to self-isolation for the timescale set bit in terms of my budgeting and coming from Manchester too, I think some clarity would go a long way.
  5. Hi everyone, I am coming to this summers con next month fingers crossed we don't go back into another lockdown. However, some of the guests coming from the states have said on their twitter they will not be attending due to UK Covid Protocols like Ming-Na Wen who I was looking forward to seeing. However, Showmasters have yet to update this. With a month until the con starts near enough wouldn't it be responsible for Showmasters to update us on who exactly definitely can attend?
  6. Thanks for the information I thought as I had a diamond pass I was able to choose this photo opportunity
  7. I have a Will Wheaton Diamond Pass however was wandering if I could get the photo in the new Big Bang Theory Set Photo advertised ? or whether it was just a normal photo shoot ?
  8. I was looking at the people attending and this person is the only one who is not clear whether they are attending or who it is ? Any one got any clarification on who it is or if they are attending ?
  9. Hi Guys, I have attended London Film and Comic Con for the last few years however have never been savvy with events happening during the events set up by fans like Pub Quizzes and Pub Crawls. Do anyone know if anything like this is happening, there is a Facebook Group apparently however they have been inclined to add me to their group which apparently sets up an annual pub quiz and crawl during the Comic Con. I love meeting new people from all background and am travelling down from Manchester with my mate who love all types of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Films and especially Star Wars and Game of Thrones. Can anyone let me know if they know anything that is going on as it would be fun to meet other fans during the event, me and my mate are 25 and I work for a communication company and he works for a electronics retailers so are very tech savvy too :)
  10. I was wandering whether there was documentation that says what times the photoshoots/panels will be on just so that my photoshoots and panel talks do not clash as I have prepaid on a few Diamond Passes for this years London Film and Comic Con.
  11. I have gone to a lot of con's through the years however the 2017 Cardiff Film and Comic Con will be the first time I attend, the other conventions I have attended there has always been some sort of after show/party either on the Saturday/Sunday Night and I was wandering if any one either experienced with this convention in Cardiff knows whether there will be an after party, if it is ticket based (usually are) and the date/location. Any information on this matter would be great as I am travelling with a few friends from Manchester and have never been to Cardiff before. Thanks Lenny
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