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  1. Loads of great photos on his table you will be spoilt for choice! He will also want you to take a BTTF Musical leaflet guess he's here to promote that too!
  2. Well what a wonderful day eventually!!!! Bob was late very late so time travel didn't run on schedule.... But when he got here, we met a great man, very chatty and genuinely interested in all of us, it was great! He was very impressed with my original 1985 BTTF Sticker Album, and said he hadn't seen many, considering it's 34 years old now! But thanks to Showmasters, I now am very proud to have Michael J Fox, Christopher LLoyd, Tom Wilson, Lea Thompson and now Bob Gale! I will treasure it for a very long time! Thank you Showmasters for all your hard work!! Saw lots of BTTF Fans today, show us your nice stuff!!
  3. Great write up, you've got me wondering what pose it was that Tom turned down doing! He was doing zany ones for the kids.....
  4. Kiefer Sutherland Peter Weller Jake The Snake Bret Hitman Hart
  5. Weekend highlight???? Having MAD DOG BUFORD TANNEN / BIFF / GRIFF grabbing me round the throat! Tom Wilson was hilarious and such a lovely guy!
  6. Thanks to Showmasters and LFCC over the last two years, yesterday I added Tom Wilson to my 1985 Back To The Future Sticker Album, now with Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson and Tom Wilson on it! Looks pretty special to me and an original item from back in the day! Thanks Showmasters, love it!
  7. I'm more excited about Back In Time Documentary than yet another repackage...
  8. Thanks! I'm beaming with happiness! The really cool thing about meeting them at a signing event is that MJF, Chris Lloyd and Lea Thompson all took there time to ask me where on the album they should sign, making it look real nice and not just a rushed put anywhere kind of look. Couldn't have gone better, thanks showmasters!
  9. It really has been emotional and a dream come true to get to meet Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson and one I didn't really think would have been possible. I can remember earlier this year looking at your website and seeing you had got a few BTTF attendees coming along and this made me happy but not really committing because I never in a million years could see you securing the main man, especially with his health issues but he looked very well this weekend, so when you did it was a no brainer to get both MJF and CL Diamond Passes to secure and guarantee both autographs and pictures...... I'm sure I'm not the only one this weekend to be visiting a con for the very first time because of this! The whole 30th anniversary feel was a nice one and it was really great to see so much BTTF merchandise around the place. The Up To 88 stall was great, got the new behind the scenes book and new poster too. Yes it was a bit stressful at times and a bit of a scrum for the photoshoots, but we got there in the end! I had far too many months to think about what to get signed, when you have one shot on a MJF autograph you have to be sure where to put it and I decided in the end to put it on an original, fully completed 1985 Back To The Future Sticker Album alongside both Christopher Lloyd's and Lea Thompson's and I must say it looks AWESOME! Can't wait to get it all framed up and knowing that one million percent that they are the genuine signed in front of my very eyes makes it such a good feeling! Can't be many of those around! Showmasters, I know you have taken some flack and some has been very valid, but I salute you on making this dream come true! I don't know how you secured MJF but it was worth every single penny!!! A massive thank you to all the fellow BTTF fans I met over the weekend, truly fantastic!!!
  10. Can't find them.... Was it 11am Saturday 11am Sunday?
  11. I very much doubt the Turtle actors have access to those suits they wore in the movie! They probably weigh a ton, and they didn't take them home at the end of the movie lol Probably cost £100,000 to ship them over to the UK!
  12. Took a fair few hours but this is what I come up with.... Looking kinda cool for all the autographs at the show.... This will accompany a framed pic of MJF & Christopher Lloyd above it so should look cool... Can't wait for the show now!
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