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  1. Very late to be saying this but only just found out myself talking to staff at the resorts world, the parking at shopping was free for most of the day and some one I was speaking to parked at 10am, and when they finished the parties at the Hilton a short distance away it only cost them £6 for the whole day!!! Nearly 14hours!!
  2. From what they said after its been 100%verified and double checked all the participants who gave their email addresses will receive a cert via email. I was told if you only put a street address not email then you mite not receive the cert, the girl said it depends on the office staff. 😏
  3. there was entertainment planned? That explains why people kept checking their watches lol. I gave up after queueing for 30 mins for a drink, ordered 3 and left when I'd finished them. The dj was so loud there was feedback coming through the speakers 😕 Omg I'm turning into my mum!!!!! Haha
  4. From what people have said there's going to be a mix of uniforms, tuxes/cocktail dresses and normal clothes. so wear whatever makes you comfortable
  5. Do any of the mods have an answer to this? Gates McFadden Friday photo shoot has been cancelled due to travelling later than thought. Been told we can use the ticket on sat or Sunday instead. However I have clashes that mean I would miss out on talks I am extremely looking forward to. There is a double shoot of gates and marina at 2:20pm on sat, could I upgrade my ticket to that as it's not my fault the original one has cancelled or ideally could I use my original ticket but marina stays out of the way so it's just me and gates in the photo??? This has been done in the USA conventions I attend when there's been a cancellation but SM is obviously not the same so far. Sami.
  6. As far as I'm aware they don't usually provide the timetable with the packs. They should have up to date timetables displayed around the floor, particularly by the info desk so if you want, just stop by and compare to see if there have been any last minute changes. Great thank you. I'm currently skiving from work sorting out my schedule for the weekend so really hope it doesn't change lol.
  7. I've got the commander package, will there be a final copy of the time table for the weekend in my pack? I've been sorting my photo and talk times etc and the timetable has changed a few times since it was released, I don't want to miss anything coz the times changed while I was travelling.
  8. I carry a folder round to put the pictures in, all separate and not until the ink has dried though.
  9. I'm driving over from sunny Skegness. Hopefully a nice drive over with minimal tractors 😏😏
  10. One of my friends has just realised I'm going this weekend. He asked if I'd get a poster signed for him with Everybody that's going!!! When I said how much it would cost he nearly fainted, he really thought they were all free when you paid the entry cost 😂😂😂
  11. They're probly waiting for us to point out all the mistakes so they dont have to check it lol. Just change what we says wrong 😂😂
  12. They're up now. People saying there's mistakes on them though so they may be changed again lol.
  13. If you get a refund let me know. I'm a group 6 too.
  14. I loved the Star Trek experience. It was great fun. We took my 2 yr old niece with us that year and a ferangi and Klingon leant down to speak to her and she screamed so loud and shrill that they backed off so fast they fell over each other. It was Hilarious!!!! Bought my romulan ale and few other bits from there that year.
  15. Did they send you a pdf ticket through email? If yes it should state somewhere under the description what batch number you are down for. Then just look under the commander description for whose in the group.
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