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  1. The answer I’m afraid is no if previous years are anything to go by a diamond pass does not guarantee personalisations What you are paying for is the guaranteed autograph some diamond guests only manage to get through signing for the diamond pass holders and no more
  2. Latest Guest Announcement - TOM SKERRITT

    Matt Lucas 43 years old Tom skerritt 83 years old just be thankful you got the opportunity to meet him I'm sure he was doing his best to please everyone he met but at his age what did you expect
  3. So your thinking is no early entry to venue for golds no goody bag (not a problem nothing in it anyway) And you say make gold cheaper all auto prices will have to go up tho to cover the lost revenue golds bring in (if gold is made cheaper no problem) hmm wait I think they had something like that this year ? oh yeah it was called general entry tickets i agree something has change so the errors over the last few years aren't repeated again my idea is make gold cost more and put a low limit on it ( make it mean something again)
  4. Feedback - Saturday problems and other things

    That was the gold entrance if I'm not mistaken they were only letting gold pass wearers out that way
  5. Feedback - Saturday problems and other things

    It could work the same as it does now for normal VQ lines with the exception Being Diamonds would still be first in line then golds then VQ's that's pretty much the same way it is now so not sure what economic difference there would be they would still be getting our money hmm (super VIP) I likey the sound of that very much . damn I just can't stop replying
  6. Feedback - Saturday problems and other things

    Now that would make far to much sense Ok now im really done till next year
  7. Feedback - Saturday problems and other things

    Dont get me wrong im ok with having to get VQ's for diamond guests ( if its someone i really want to meet id just get the DP to guarantee) But it seems that organising gold pass holders to be let in early as stated on the website is an impossibly. It has its been the same mess the past 3 years and every year we are told sorry it wont happen again and we have learned from the mistakes this year (Ok im done with this year back to lurking on here till next year)
  8. Feedback - Saturday problems and other things

    Like i have said Take away gold pass holders having to get VQ tickets and i dont think 1 person would complain about getting in early or not
  9. Feedback - Saturday problems and other things

    Golds had a different entrance QS it was the main entrance opposite the station outside. Because we were outside the bag check happened when they opened the doors at 8:50 so the extra 10 min we had got taken up waiting to be checked It think its the furthest away from the guest area you could be but might be wrong Oh and GA started coming in at 8:55 by my watch The people handing out some of the VQ's made us wait till 9am before handing them out and GA people were standing next to me
  10. Feedback - Saturday problems and other things

    Your so funny some times QS
  11. Feedback - Saturday problems and other things

    But that happens now with a gold pass (excluding diamond guests) i can walk upto any que and join it without a VQ ticket Are you saying golds should have to get VQ's for all guests now ?? What value for money that would be £250 quid for a 5 min head start
  12. Feedback - Saturday problems and other things

    But its still no difference now if gold get in early we still get low VQ's and still get to join the back of any non diamond guest without needing a VQ. The problem is we dont get in before general entry (friday we did) and golds entrance is the other side of olympia to where the guests are aq Plus buying gold is a choice just the same as paying for a diamond pass You get what you can afford The problem right now is people are paying £250 for gold pass and are not getting the extra cost back (please dont say the goodie bag) compared to general entry or diamond (guaranteed photo/auto) i feel its lacking right now.
  13. Feedback - Saturday problems and other things

    Why not just go back to golds not needing VQ tickets for any guests then peace will be restored I wouldnt care what time General entry was let in then, And im guessing 99% of gold pass Customer's wouldnt care either
  14. From what I understand it's the same entrance as last year (opposite the train station)
  15. My guess is it will be the same as last year as golds entrance is the same