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  1. Wait a minute do people really not read what others say or just jump on there high horse how did what I said cause you offence ? by suggesting we as a society should all be treated equally and given equal opportunity and assistance if we need it ?... Maybe you should also read my previous posts about my view on disabled access
  2. I didn’t say Anything about “nothing in place for disabled people” did I ? Read my earlier post !!!
  3. Please remember your aim as a disabled person is for equality not priority !! Otherwise your no better than the people your fighting against
  4. Ok so to solve this issue it seems like the easiest answer would be to go back to the system from before where anyone with an extra help Band is just taken to the front of the auto que(as they are with photo shoots). This would mean they didn’t have to run (themselves or carer) Ella unfortunately you have had to jump through hoops to prove you are disabled due to the high number of people who like most things in life try and cheat the systems put in place to help the people who really need it. As to making extra help bands more worthless take a moment and think of the gold pass band people who pay a fortune and get less every year.
  5. David only on VQ because the blue shirt was letting them in Red shirt turned up and stopped it
  6. Again brilliant gold entry in 13 minutes before 9am Nice and calm walk to photo area B SM might have finally cracked the entry problems from other years
  7. I miss the chill out room the autograph pack I even miss the goody bag
  8. To be let me in 5 min early and to join the back of any VQ line without needing a ticket to join photo shoot lines first (unless diamond guest) no matter your batch number
  9. I think that will be the ticket they give you when you pay and they circle how many autographs you have paid for
  10. I have to say best friday que/entry ever for Gold pass Very smooth in 8 min before 10am no rushing no stress Let's hope it's as good tomorrow
  11. Just a heads up for SM You need someone out on gold que with a sign There are people in the que who should be at gate H
  12. Hmm maybe Jason should start yelling on Thursday this year
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