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  1. I'm having mental images of the photo shoots being modified to require face masks and standing two meters apart. (Yeah, I'm not expecting this to go ahead either.) I still have a flight and a hotel. Both can EASILY be postponed -- at the present moment, the hotel is offering only rescheduling, not (fee-free) cancellation. So, for me, the ideal situation would be that if the event is cancelled, it would be accompanied by an announcement of definite dates for Summer 2021 -- so that I could reschedule everything for next year. (Despite being an American, I DO realize that the world does not revolve around me. But if you could announce future dates sooner rather than later, it would be helpful.)
  2. You were a massive help for me, Queen -- helping me resolve my the-message-board-hates-my-ISP ban when I thought all hope was lost. I'm sorry you both are stepping down but understand that things never stay the same. I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do next.
  3. Greetings from Los Angeles. Yesterday, I was at Disneyland. Within about 24 hours: Hockey game I was going to attend on Saturday cancelled; baseball game I was going to attend in a couple weeks cancelled; friend's birthday party cancelled; Vegas trip next month cancelled; my office authorized everyone to work at home for 30 days; Disneyland to close on Saturday; and every theatre in Los Angeles is going dark. I thought it might come to this -- and I was pretty sure that, if it did, it would do so overnight, but I didn't quite expect it to be THIS night. Already have my flight booked for July; and paid for my non-refundable hotel ages ago (because "why would I not go to London?") I do hope this event goes ahead, and while I look forward to more photos with hovering arms, I gotta say that, right now, all of these event cancellations are making me want to enjoy LFCC even more. (Live for today! Spend more money!)
  4. And I'm back in Los Angeles (with a cat on my lap -- which is my usual state of existence when in my living room). I look forward to seeing you all again (virtually) when I start hanging around the forum for LFCC 2020 -- or maybe the Spring one instead. ::: waves bye-bye :::
  5. I look forward to Android notifications working. I'd read something on the forums here about an app notification that guests were on open queue -- and while this was a roundabout way of getting the information, it definitely prompted me to go get an auto.
  6. I overheard someone say, "This fish is sh*t, but I like it." I thought she was half right.
  7. Fan; no mints here. I imagine the people at the DP gift table make a judgment call about your breath vs. your body odor.
  8. Advice for myself for next year: 1. Come Friday and Sunday. (Skip Saturday if you can.) Do not go to Secret Cinema Thursday night. 2. It is warmer than you think it is. Bring your fan. Dress light. Bring your other fan. 3. Wear a cosplay. A lightweight cosplay. With comfortable shoes. 4. Bring things for people to sign. 5. If you're going to buy plastic covers for photos and autographs, buy them all on Friday -- before they sell out of all the photo- and autograph-sized ones. 6. Bring a bag big enough to keep an 8 x 10 flat in it. 7. Buy a DP or two. 8. Sneak out at lunch and go to that pub. 9. The kitchen closes at that pub at, iike, 2:00 or something. 10. The people at LFCC are nice. 11. The fish 'n' chips aren't.
  9. I did that thing where I didn't have much room in my bag to pack ALL the stuff I could POSSIBLY want to get signed (coming from America, remember), nor could I pack the breakable things, so I narrowed it down to one small item ... ... and very nearly had Jason Isaacs and Billy Dee Williams sign River Song's Journal.
  10. Once upon a time, Matt Smith told a story about how when he was cast as The Doctor, the BBC sent him to "celebrity school," where they taught him how to properly behave on chat shows, and how to interact with fans. Whenever I see certain traits in actors -- like kneeling down to talk to children on their level -- I assume they either went to celebrity school or are just naturally good at this. Jason Isaacs is one of those people. Either he was taught, or he's naturally very good at this.
  11. When I picked up my DP gift (my first experience with a DP) on my way out, it was handed to me along with a SM bag. And I laughed because I'd easily spent 20 minutes earlier that day looking for a bag which would fit my photos and autographs. ::: opening package ::: Aww, there's also a little fan thing in here. Yeah, I totally should have picked these up at the start of the day.
  12. I didn't have much crew interaction this time, but everyone was wonderful. I particularly appreciated the blue shirted lady running Billy Dee Williams's auto queue on Sunday afternoon -- keeping the walkway clear, the queue tidy, and (most importantly) let us know that she didn't know why he was late coming back from break. It very much helps to have information volunteered (even when it is, in fact, no information), rather than to have everyone wonder what's going on and why we aren't being told anything. Also, high marks to the efficiency of Photo B staff (at least, on the Jason Isaacs shoot). That was an orderly queue, with good space outside it, and we could all hear the shouted information. Having previously experienced the opposite, I appreciate quality photo area queue-running. And thanks to the photographers who told me to drop my chin a bit to avoid the glare on my glasses. I've had other photographers (not as this event) ask me to just remove my specs to get rid of the glare, and I appreciate not being asked that.
  13. Can the food vendors that are fixtures at Olympia (Pizza Express, the Kitchen thing upstairs, the fish & chips, and the others) be added to future maps? Not only would it help for lunch planning, it would be nice to have another set of landmarks to orient by.
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