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  1. Photoshoots

    Well, I can always stare at my shoes and say "I like your work," but the photoshoot enables me to bask in their presence without having any sort of social awkwardness.
  2. Photoshoots

    I think the photos are also preferable if there's a guest you'd like to meet, but figure you don't have anything useful to say.
  3. On behalf of your American fans, I greatly appreciate the timing of the announcements (around lunch).
  4. New Attendees advice thread

    The recently announced Mr. Kilmer. (I think the fact that the review was a decade ago and for a project which was not, in general, well-received, works in my favor. I'm still cautious about giving offense, though.)
  5. New Attendees advice thread

    Thanks. (That's the dilemma I'm puzzling over.)
  6. New Attendees advice thread

    I might as well just ask it: Suppose, in another life, I'm a critic. Suppose I gave one of the guests a bad review. Possibly hilariously bad. But it was, like, a decade ago. D'you think I could get said guest to autograph said review? Or would that be Bad Form?
  7. New Attendees advice thread

    This makes sense.
  8. New Attendees advice thread

    I know that guest announcements can change until ... well, actually, right up until during the event. With that understanding, at what point do most people sit down with the list of guests and figure out who they're going to see? Or is it more of an evolving thing where you order DPs and Photos the moment guests you like are announced?
  9. I am selfishly hoping it will be someone in whom I am interested. :)
  10. Error messages when trying to access the forum

    I'm ashamed to admit I know why. The browser I was using populated the login with the name/password from the defective account for some unknown reason, and I didn't notice it until today. So I had accidentally logged in with the account we never fixed.
  11. Error messages when trying to access the forum

    Long story short: never mind; cancel that; all is well at work computer.
  12. New Attendees advice thread

    Suppose I want to buy a photo with an actor. Suppose I want that photo to include my (amusing) cosplay. Suppose the amusing cosplay isn't just a waist-up affair. Would I be able to ask the photographer to step back and get more of me in the frame, or is it Standard Pose Only?
  13. Error messages when trying to access the forum

    Hi Queen! Remember me and my exciting "restricted from posting" thing? It happened again yesterday, but only when I was accessing from my office computer. I logged out and logged back in -- same problem. But my mobile (and laptop) still allow posting -- so not REALLY a problem. To sum up: my office computer thought I was restricted from posting, while at the exact same time, my mobile thought I was an acceptable member of the community. I mention this for diagnostic purposes, as my office computer is not using any mobile network.
  14. I am the farthest thing from a legit cosplayer, but have two cosplays I'm considering wearing at LFCC. "Considering" is the key word here, because one of them (Clara) has multiple layers and might end up being quite warm, and the other (Agent Carter) has uncomfortable shoes. Do those of you who cosplay outside of the Masquerade wear the thing all day, or do you bring a change of clothes for comfort?
  15. Guest Suggestions

    I am fairly certain that somewhere in these 90 pages is everyone I would even think of suggesting. Excepting I ran a search on one name, and it didn't pop up, so, um: Lin-Manuel Miranda.