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  1. Thank you Queen S, this is seriously helpful. I think I'd regret not trying at this point and this helps immensly. I hope you're feeling better and recovering quick, I also hope you get a massive thank you present for all the help you've been giving the last few days, you've gone above and beyond what most would in your situation.
  2. It's a long journey to make on the hope they'll be able to help. With those kinds numbers, I think I'll be staying home, I've already dealt with a lot of anxiety around the trip, that just finished me off Thanks anyway for trying to reassure me x
  3. Okay, I'm spooked... I had all my guests cancel but one and had been debating whether to still go as it'll be a long journey and day for me being disabled and trying to get into the photo in time as I can't make the pm photo due to travelling home, thatNumber seriously just put me off, I've got literally no hope.... This experience is not going well for me, my first con.... I'm seriously considering staying home
  4. Bless ya, it's been a tough time for us Battlestar fans, we booked from the start too, I even decorated my wheelchair in Battlestar decals waited for the schedule to go up to book our travel and bam, all over in a matter of a few hours thankfully got partial refunds on travel arrangements but we were due to go to all three days, but now only Sunday to see David Duchovny and Sam Neill. Been a depressing 24hours but hopefully Sunday will make up for it! I hope you have a lovely time and get another opportunity to meet them, so say we all x
  5. Harriet Sansom Harris - Bebe in "Frasier", Felicia Tilman "Desperate Housewives" Mrs Jankis " Memento" Frank Welker - Basically every voice or animal noise in Hollywood, from Freddy in "Scooby Doo" to the aliens in " Mars Attacks" Mel Brooks - "Blazing Saddles" "Young Frankenstein" " Silent movie" "Spaceballs"
  6. That edit made me slightly more hopeful! Thank you, I think I'm going to give it a good try otherwise I think I'd regret it x
  7. Thank you Raylenth, I think I might just have to take a leap of faith and hope the roads aren't causing too much of a delay to get us there in time x
  8. I've got David Duchovny photo booked in Batch 1 on Sunday and registered for special assistance, due to being in a wheelchair. We're travelling up from Hampshire due to arrive at 0820 at Waterloo then a taxi booked to get to the event. We're worried due to delays from the bike race we could be late getting to the event and might not get there till after ten, David's photos start at 1015, I'm worried I'll miss it as the pm shoot is after we have to leave so we can't go to the pm shoot. I've already had all my BSG photos cancelled i don't know i can stand missing DD on top Will i be able to get in the AM photo, or is it quite unlikely?
  9. Okay, every guest i booked on the Friday has now cancelled, we originally booked three day passes but now we won't be coming on the Friday as it's a long journey to make in the wheelchair for no guests, will i still be able to get my pass and special assistance on the sunday? I'm not after refunds, I'll take the hit knowing the terms and conditions when we originally booked but instead will just be attending the sunday now and want to make sure the passes etc will still be there Sunday x
  10. I had all the BSG guests booked, I'm beyond sad today.... Heart broken.... I know it can't be avoided but I'm devastated after today's cancellations
  11. My little heart just broke, was so excited to meet Mary. I hope Mary makes a speedy recovery soon and hopefully I'll meet her at another event in the future. Sinus infections are horrid so I know how intense the pain can be, poor Mary x
  12. Will a scanned and printed copy of my PIP certificate be sufficient for my assistance band? I'm slightly hesitant to bring the actual certificate in case I lose it somewhere, I'm a bit dopey lol Thanks in advance ☺
  13. Thank you!!! I know it must be hard with all that's going on lately so thanks for taking the time to answer! You guys are doing an amazing job, I hope you have a better few days coming up, I appreciate the job you're doing ☺
  14. Sorry to be asking questions all over the place but a bit confused, I purchased full 3 day passes for both myself and partner/carer on the event shop page and have applied for extra help, do I go straight to Olympia West on Blythe at the extra help entrance for our help bands and entrance bands to get in or do we need to go to gate h first for entry bands then extra help entrance for help band and entry? Sorry to be thick, we've never been before and thanks in advance for any help :)
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