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  1. What classifies as a large bag? What about back packs? Was so looking forward to bringing my Civil War backpack cause I'm staying over night.
  2. Bring back Renner to the UK And he doesn't start filming Infinity Wars till August
  3. Sorry, I'm just really upset. I might go. Just need to let it sink in x
  4. I've been to enough of these events to know sometimes people get taken pitty on.
  5. What if I no longer want to attend? Can I get my entry tickets refunded?
  6. Yay. I don't live too far away. Tickets booked. I missed out on seeing Amanda late last year. So excited to see her again. X
  7. Dont know if this will work https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153883869227635&set=a.10153878004412635.1073741882.592207634&type=3&theater
  8. I never thought it would happen this time. We've all been very lucky that his schedule wasn't full and he took time away from his daughter to meet his fans. I think he's impressed a lot of people. Hopefully Showmasters will take note and plan on bringing him back soon in whatever way they can. A weekend with Renner sounds good to me
  9. That's awesome. I was too chicken to ask for anything but a hug lol
  10. Oh don't say that. Hope it wasn't cause of the way I look
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