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  1. But to be fair, what I said was there were people walking up and down the queues saying nothing unless they were asked a question, surely if they had gone down the queues reminding people that if they had they cash they didn't need to queue they would have made the queue a lot shorter, or why cant they have a queue just dedicated to selling autograph vouchers instead?
  2. That what I meant the Gift Vouchers, that you could use at the Autograph Desks, I am sure to be honest you both must have known I meant to say? I don't understand why they don't have these giftvouchers anymore that can be used at desks, it saved a lot if time when I got them before
  3. I had a great day on Saturday but one thing really spoilt it. I had a diamond pass for Tom Wilson and decided I wanted to buy another signature, but I didn't have any cash on me, so quite early in the morning I queued at the sales desk to buy an autograph voucher on my credit card. There were 4 queues at the desk and they were all massive, I got in the queue and it hardly moved, I was still not at the front 90mins later and was about to miss my photoshoot with John Cleese so let the queue 90mins wasted and nothing to show for it. There are a couple of reasons this happened, one there were lots of people in the queue that had never been to the event before and thought you had to buy vouchers even if you had cash, even when people were explaining to them they can queue upstairs and pay cash, they still didn't want to leave the queue as they thought it would be quicker to buy vouchers, there were SM crew walking the sales lines but they were not saying anything, they were just asking questions, if they had walked the lines telling people if they had cash they don't need vouchers the queue would have been a lot shorter. Also when I last came in 2015, you could buy the autograph vouchers online and they were sent to you, why cant they still do this rather than making people queue up for over an hour just to buy one autograph?
  4. People got their early today to get in the queue, showmasters were going along the line and pulling out diamond pass holders to collect their passes and then making them join the back of the main queue again! This seems really mad and really unfair on people who get there early, surely there must be a better way than this!
  5. Someone isnt very good at telling the time, the Tom Wilson AM Shoot is at 12:30! That definately isnt AM!
  6. When Christopher Lloyd was there during the BTTF reunion dont think that many if any non diamond/gold holders got anything signed
  7. I am coming with my 10 year old son on Sunday and i want to do a photo shoot, can he queue with me and just not go in the photo, otherwise i wouldnt like to leave him outside on his own as he has mild autism?
  8. is there a reason these are showing as not available to buy on web site?
  9. When do we find out the photoshoot times for this show? cheers
  10. personally for me wont make any difference, i dont like current USA programmes and never watch any so i am only going to for the vintage stuff like Star Wars and BTTF etc
  11. definately need more Carry on Guests at these events!
  12. i definately would like to see another one of these, why not hve it in a smaller venue if numbers are a problem
  13. ok thanks for letting me know, shame as i live local cheers
  14. I have just been added to crew list and wondred if crew has already been chosen for this event as i live locally and could easily go to it without the need for hotel?
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