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  1. I would still like the organisers to put the floor plan online for DST: Europe tomorrow in order for me to be able to print it out and plan on how I am getting from the talk stages to the photoshoot areas. It would be extremely helpful for a lot of the attendees if this can be arranged.
  2. I've never been to LFCC but I've been to past Collectormania (Collectormania Glasgow now renamed as Glasgow Film & Comic Con) events both in Milton Keynes and my home city of Glasgow as well as the past DST events held in the ExCel centre in London. I remember that a floor plan PDF file WAS put up on the forum in the week leading up to DST3. I'm hoping for the same this time around too. For those newbies out there, the souvineer programme available at the event, and included with the packages, usually has the floor plan.
  3. Will you be putting up a copy of the floor plan showing where the stages and photoshoot areas are for this new venue on this forum ? It would be helpful in determining if there is a problem getting from talks to photoshoot areas if, as in my case, a photoshoot starts at a time before the end of a talk and the photoshoot is very short.
  4. As you have a Commander ticket, you would normally pick everything up when you initially visit the registration desk. This will include a weekend pass with your name on it and will state that you have the Commander package which will allow you entry to all the halls used by DST: Europe all weekend. You'll also be issued with your goody bag too at registration. Usually if you know of any problems beforehand, these can be discussed with event staff which may involve visiting a seperate, dedicated customer service desk. Due to Frakes' cancellation in 2014, this was what I had to do to resolve a problem that I had and knew about before arriving. This usually means the Friday registration period which opens at Midday (12:00pm) assuming that you are going on the Friday. You won't require to go to the registration desk again on Saturday or Sunday as you should already have evertything you require for the weekend unless there is a problem that occurs after you've registered.
  5. Queen_Sindell, could you ask the organisers if it is possible for an attendee to customise their autograph group selection. For instance I had selected Group 6 for both talks and autographs before knowing who was in them. I have already met Bobby Clark at DST3 but haven't met Eric Pierpoint and I do not own another personal item for Mr Clark to sign. My point is this, I'd only like to make a single change to my group autograph allocation and was wondering if this was possible. I'm not asking for a full group change which I accept you cannot do but a minor tweak instead.
  6. This is why I preferred the system used in 2014 where the organisers actually ASKED the attendees in an email sent in the August of 2014, for DST3 in the October that same year; who they'd like from a list of attending guests.
  7. Finally the package autographs and talk groups are being shown on the DST: Europe website under whatever Ticket Info relates to the package you bought. ​The included '50 Years Not Out Celebrating Star Trek' talk is on Sunday and 'The 50 Year March of the Klingons' talk is on Saturday according to the Eventbrite DST: Europe ticket booking site. ​Here's hoping the schedule gets posted up early tomorrow.
  8. They Khaaaaaaan't do it without the actor's agreement.
  9. I agree with you that the event is meant to be fun and going by what happened in 2012 and 2014 I'm sure it will be. It is just been the process of getting to that point which has had me concerned. I've no such concerns about the actual event itself. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- To Queen_Sindel: I try to respect other people and NEVER call anyone names unless I know them personally and even if I do, it would only be done in jest. THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO CALL ANYONE NAMES ESPECIALLY THE FORUM MODERATORS.
  10. Sir, I'm already dissappointed by the lack of information and I am only trying to assist the many attendees who are reluctant to post themselves, I am getting concerned that should I continue to voice my opinion that I will be banned from this forum for doing so. I should not need as you put it 'to set my own arbitrary timelines for announcements'. Those announcements should have happened long before now. This event for me is my first holiday that I've had since the last Destination Star Trek in October 2014 which has not caused me as much anxiety as this event has done. I have no desire to antagonise anyone and I wish all those attending both Sherlocked and DST the best experience possible. I feel someone has to speak out and in the past I have refrained from doing so. I do not enjoy challenging authority, I never have and anyone who really knows me will tell you that. A lot of the time I sit on the fence and leave it to others to say something. The complete lack of information this time around and this close to the event has forced me to speak out. I hope you and the moderators can understand that. I now feel that I have been wasting my breath by attempting to have the needed package details released in order that people had plenty of time to plan their trip to DST: Europe. It would also have benefitted the organisers too as with the release of the missing info many more people would choose to book a package deal.
  11. I am EXTREMELY dissapointed that there are no staff available to deal with Destination Star Trek: Europe issues.I EXPECTED there to be information released by today and not everyone to be dealing with an event that does not involve a major anniversary. We your loyal customers deserve better. I'm totally not disagreeing with your right to comment about the organisation of the event Ozy, not at all, but seriously. To say that you expect them to ignore the event they have running this weekend just because the Star Trek on is an anniversary is preposterous! As someone who is attending said event this weekend I expect them to be concentrating on that one rather than ignore/abandon/dismiss (pick your adjective) it for one that isn't happening just yet. Maybe you don't mean it exactly like that, but I'm sorry to me it does. I'm really sorry Sherlocked is getting in the way of your event, but it is before it and they have to deal with it first. I have no beef with those attending Sherlocked, Showmaster should be giving them plenty and the majority of attention this weekend. That does not mean that DST: Europe should have no one in the office looking after their needs. I would expect the same situation had Sherlocked been arranged to take place after DST: Europe. In that situation I'd also expect Sherlocked fans to similarly complain. However, if they'd released the package information a month ago like they did for the event in 2014, this situation would not be occurring. It upsets me that I am having to put up these types of posts when the previous events were organised so successfully.
  12. Finally, some more news trickles out but not what I was hoping for.
  13. I am EXTREMELY dissapointed that there are no staff available to deal with Destination Star Trek: Europe issues. I EXPECTED there to be information released by today and not everyone to be dealing with an event that does not involve a major anniversary. We your loyal customers deserve better.
  14. It is now time that the Showmasters Destination Star Trek: Europe team release immediately to the forum moderators the details myself and others have been requesting for the last month; the details of our packages. We, the attendees, have been more than patient waiting for this information that, in 2012 and 2014, we were supplied TWO MONTHS before the start of those last events; even if some of that information was subject to change right up until the week of the event. This is a very special anniversary for the fans of Star Trek and, in my humble opinion, should have had greater attention paid to it than either of the previous Destination Star Trek events. I beg you not to further dissappoint the attendees by ignoring this plea. We are after all investing a lot of money in your events, not to mention the travel and accommodation costs that a lot of us have had to take into consideration not living within easy travelling distance. In my case I have to book flights and accommodation not long after an event is announced in order to get the best prices. Once this is done, in the case of my flights at least, I cannot get that money back and for me it is an expensive outlay. This is not to mention the cost of the eight photoshoots that I have pre-booked too. Prices also tend to skyrocket once the hotels realise an event of this nature is taking place due to demand and limited availability of rooms. This is why I book accommodation, flights, then the event in that order and it is pointless not booking all three months ahead. My decision to attend these events depends very much on the assumption that we get information released in a timely fashion. If this will no longer be the case, then I'd have serious doubts about attending future events where I have to book travel and accommodation months in advance. Please release this information now to allow us, your loyal customers, to plan our trip, whether the information is finalised or not.
  15. When I booked my package I expected to have known the package information well before now. I'm dissappointed by the turn of events, but I'm still looking forward to the event.
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