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  1. Are you meaning the paid talks or the free talks?
  2. What. so do you think everyone who attends your shows are from London,and will these places accept my already booked hotel fee as payment. Get a grip Jason I believe this was intended for those who have none refundable hotels in London. They event can still be accessible
  3. Loads of people get posters signed. Generally the most common are just like the movie poster ones which have a slightly shiney finish to them. You have to think of how easy they are to roll up and carry and how they will look framed. Sharpies pretty much sign anything
  4. My worst one was Roger Lloyd Packs. He signed it in gold but the ink was running out so he wrote over the top of the original signature again. Looks messy and unprofessional. Wish I had asked him to start again on a new photo. Was one of my first conventions though and I was nervous so didn't think of asking him. If you every experience this again and don't want to say anything in front of the guest just look for the Red shirt crew in that area (or ask a crew member) and they will get it replaced for you without the guest knowing :)
  5. It's also only a 15-20 min walk from Hammersmith which is on district, Hammersmith n city, circle n Piccadilly lines (it has 2 station enterences as you can see on the map) which I prefer over the other options because it's a bit calmer
  6. If you are on about Sunday I believe it was Justin organising the queue :)
  7. Think I heard people talking about a winter show :-S
  8. For cosplay itt may be worth having some business cards printed with your Twitter ID and ask there n then for them to be sent instead of after :) The prop photoshoot was on the same side as talk area A and located in same place as the guest photo area just on the other side
  9. http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/im-celebrity-2014-carl-fogarty-4596590 Looks like Carl cancelled so he can head into the Jungle!
  10. No idea. I'm on the crew bus from hotel. I believe it is expensive at venue so would reccommend walking If you can
  11. Hey :) if you head to the venue and I think it is the VIP enterance at the front. But if in doubt look for blue shirts and you will find us
  12. I had to take a sick day today after the weekend. I feel so sick!!! The money/tickets we handle and germs that spread in the heat plus the exhaustion. Def have con-flu! We don't often get chance to wash our hands so rely on antibacterial hand wash lol if we remember to pack some. Sure this thread is not encouraging people to crew :-p but it's def worth doing at least once. You can even do a half day to test the water!
  13. Use EC1 & EC2 for more space keeping everything together and bigger aisles between dealer stands. Maybe a larger organisers booth too cause it's too difficult with so many people crowding round. Might also be good for ticketers to have "0-150" etc signs on long sticks so they can be seen from a distance. Guest wise Big Bang Theory guests would be awesome! Some bigger HP guests like Rupert Grint, David Bradley Orlando Bloom would be THE BEST!
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