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  1. this sounds pretty good, hope that Showmasters can get some other authors as well, Terry Brooks? Jonathan Maberry (he writes comics as well so double whammy). Shaun hutson perhaps? Thomas Emson?
  2. Hi, as a big Terry Brooks fan I have just read that he is doing a one off signing in April in London, and he will be doing another tour in ar around June(no dates yet), and I thought that maybe LFCC could perhaps speak nicely to him and get him to attend the LFCC. But then again, how about some other others. Such as: Thomas Emson Jonathan Maberry James Herbert Shaun Hutson And maybe even Stephen King Dean Koontz just an idea, I think such guests would certainly pull the punters in thanks
  3. Well......hohum. not impressed. I had expected at least a REAL BIG NAME from the movies and TV, not on my list of must get autographs
  4. I'm going for Samuel L. Jackson.....hopefully. Hey, do we get a prize if we guess right?
  5. Okay being new to showmasters shows (apart from Collectormania a few years back), so I had a few queries, I noticed someone mention a No photos sign on celebs tables, does this mean you can't take photos of them or that you can't take photos standing with them? Being new to london as well is Olympia an exhibition hall with outside cafes or is food only available inside? And are there cashpoints (ATM's inside or not? These may seem minor points but I would rather clear them up before we get there. Also, because we have bought standard (11am) tickets is there a separate queue for getting in when we get there? Thanks
  6. Thanks very much Grip, much appreciated. My wife and I are really looking forward to the LFCC as well as a day in in London on the friday. Thanks again
  7. Hi, Are there any Londoners out there who are willing to help a couple of simple Brummies to navigate around London. Specifically from our hotel in Upper woburn place to Olympia on the saturday. I have looked on the travel website but I'm afraid the London transport network is so confusing to someone used to only 1 or two buses and trains. Thanks in advance
  8. Oh yes, any chance of some more Supernatural stars please
  9. Seeing as this will be our first time at the LFCC let's see who else I would like to meet. Jason Momoa (he's at Collectormania so please) Misha Collins Any Supernatural star especially any of the main four(ie see above) More Walking Dead stars Lord of the Rings (with the Hobbit coming out topical) Avengers (Assemble?) Any of them or all of them eh?
  10. Hi, any chance of getting Jason Momoa for the LFCC as well pleeease. My wife will be forever grateful!!!
  11. Okay, being a first timer (both my wife and I) to the LFCC and pretty much London as well(it's been at least 15 years since we visited London last), I'm wondering whether anyone can advise me of the best way to the venue from the County Hotel in Upper Woburn Place. i know it's a fair distance from the venue but being on a budget and having the train fare thrown into the deal as well it worked for us. We have the tickets for Saturday's show and are really looking forward to going, but getting from the hotel to the venue is our last obstacle. Any help will be greatly welcomed. Thanks
  12. I voted for Birmingham for a couple of reasons. 1 the current events in the area are getting worse each year and have no big name stars, and 2 I don't drive, so it would be a lot closer and easier to get to(which isn't to say that we won't be coming to the LFCC this year)
  13. I voted for Birmingham full stop because the only other event in the area has gone from bad to worse just altely and I think that Showmasters would do a show to beat all shows at the NEC or thereabouts. I hope that Birmingham gets the vote
  14. Hi all My name is Simon, and this year my wife and I will be visiting the london film and comic con for the first time, and we cannot wait. We have booked a hotel and train and will be going to the con on saturday. Being newbies to both london(it's been almost 20 years since we have been there) and to the Con any snippets of information pertinent to either would be greatly welcomed. Otherwise We look forward to seeing you all there.
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