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  1. haha i think maybe you might be better at making quizzes then me i haven't made one in a while picture round were always fun even did a film clip round once
  2. lol thats where i am lucky i dont have a hotel to go back to as i live just outside of croydon so not far for me to go,
  3. so tempted to go just normally so shattered afterwards.. but i love a good quiz used make and hold quizzes years ago
  4. Thank you i had a slight panic that if i got the pass then when i got to the table they would charge me again for the autograph and i wouldnt have the money
  5. so tempted to get my very first ever diamond pass as i really want to meet her and dont want to miss the chance that i might not be able to. just a quick question. if i get a diamond pass do it mean i dont have to pay for the autograph when i queue up. many thanks
  6. don't know if there was a lack of stalls. but for me there was lack of choice I had real trouble actually finding things to buy the normal stalls I would go to were not there so that didn't help. and i'm not into pops so that was a lot of stall out for me.
  7. Hi does anyone know what album Frank's used to sell as i need a new one and not sure what one is right. it was the grey one i used to buy. many thanks
  8. Noooooooooo! the one guest I really wanted to meet. better go put my She-Ra t-shirt back in the draw..
  9. amazing guest cant wait to meet, this excites me more then the hyped up guest announcements.
  10. Exciting times, was just looking at my Gargoyles figures I can finally get my Goliath one signed..
  11. Hello I was meant to go back to a stall when I was there on Saturday and with everything going on totally forgot and now kicking myself because of it They were upstairs (guest level) near where the stairs were next door to them was a stall selling Harry Potter butterbeer & sweets. The stall I am after was selling figures and computer games. Thanks for any help :)
  12. that's me out. such a shame was really looking forward to coming booked holiday from work for this as well
  13. I have the thundercats theme for my ring tone..
  14. Will be hunting for some thundercats stuff and generally seeing what takes my fancy have pick up some nice stuff over the years
  15. my shop doesn't take Scottish notes. we got told once by the police about not taking them as there was a load of fakes going around, and its harder with a Scottish note to see if they are a fake then an English one.
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