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  1. quidditysea

    Guest Suggestions

    Yes!! The 100 guests would be awesome!
  2. quidditysea

    A Fantastic Saturday

    I had a great time over both days, all the guests i met were lovely, and boy can John Rhys-Davies talk a very interesting and intelligent man too!
  3. quidditysea

    Guest Suggestions

    Some guests from Humans would be awesome!!
  4. quidditysea

    Guest Suggestions

    Any classic Doctor Who guests would be awesome
  5. Thank you for having Jacqueline at this event, she was so very nice and we talked for ages
  6. quidditysea


  7. quidditysea


    Are there tickets available on the door still?
  8. So pleased, great guest :)
  9. quidditysea

    Wes Craven RIP

    Very sad news indeed, he was a legend!
  10. Huge thanks to Showmasters for putting on this con, i had the best weekend ever!!! and a massive thanks to the Crew, who were exceptional especially Phil and JJ (i think that was her name) on photo shoot duties, they were truly excellent.
  11. someone on fb said he was not doing table pictures
  12. quidditysea

    Best con so far?

    it was my first signing event and i have to say i was impressed, looking forward to tomorrow
  13. quidditysea

    So I don't look disabled

    As a carer for someone with a disability, some of the attitude's people have towards the disabled absolutely disgusts me, believe me if my fiancee who i care for could stand for hours in a queue rather than be in constant pain, she would!!
  14. quidditysea


    ok, thanks