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  1. EloraMS

    Hallowhedon 6!

    Already dead excited! Getting my ticket early this year. Going back to standard this time! Always have a laugh whatever ticket I am xx
  2. EloraMS

    What guests do you want to see at HW6?

    After having James as my first guest at the first Hallowhedon and him being such a good sport after his injury I would LOVE him to come back for Hallowhedon 6! And get to meet him properly. A Doctor Horrible or S.H.I.E.L.D guest would be a nice change from the mostly Buffy or Angel guests. Would love Felica Day, Amy Acker, Sean Mayor, Amber Benson was so great last time I'd love her and Adam to come back. Also don't worry about getting to many guests. Quality over quantity. Would rather have a few really enthusiastic guests (however big their role) than a load of boring ones. Perfect example is Robin Sachs. He played the relatively small but fab Ethan Rayne and had a wicked sense of humor. And more writers please! Jane and Brad were my favorites this year. Totally awesome and lovely people.
  3. EloraMS

    Seth Green <3

    That would be undeniably epic XD Please get Seth ... or James Marsters again >< Or both
  4. EloraMS

    fave song from once more with feeling?

    Standing is mine
  5. EloraMS

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANTHONY HEAD

    YAY My favourite Buffy charater. My mums gutted about Sean but I'M SO HAPPY ABOUT ANTHONY HEAD COMING AGAIN!
  6. EloraMS

    Guest Cancellation - Sean Maher

    Ahhh that sucks so much tbh hes the main reason I got my ticket >< Should still be awesome though
  7. EloraMS

    NEW Hallowhedon Website

    One of my most visited sites