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  1. I see that there is a cosplay photoshoot and I was wondering how much they were and do we have to buy those online ?
  2. I bought an 11AM entry ticket but I'm arriving earlier now, can I upgrade my ticket on the door to get in earlier? Also I'll be on my crutches as well is there any information but how to get in?
  3. rule one of cons is never book just for one guest learnt that the hard way ages ago
  4. Do you think there will be a warning when they are on their final batch? I'm still trying to get time off work
  5. it was when the £2.50 photo tickets were for LFCC summer so I would assume so for this as well
  6. train into bright £8 SCORE train out of brighton £32 NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE
  7. It also means that we will not have Sneaky Zebra there doing there cosplay music video as they get invited to go to SDCC every year.
  8. All I can think is no Natalie Dormer again next year :(
  9. I feel sorry for everyone that they had a bad experience. I saw her on the Saturday her first shoot, dressed up as Agent Carter and she loved it "HEY PEGGY YOU LOOK AMAZING" So I was buzzing from that. She waved at me during the start of her talk because I was dressed up as well And answered my question about charities and non profits whilst looking at me almost the whole time. I'm in love.
  10. He was lovely yeah and bless you for saying that. I always feel so awkward queue jumping but I need to, I say sorry to the people around me and try to explain. At photoshoot E I just sat on the floor I was in so much pain and people were tutting when it took me a few seconds to get up, and no one offered to help. But yeah the guy on C was lovely.
  11. I wish I didn't have my disability I really really don't, it took me 5 times longer to get from the tube to the entrance then it would an able-bodied person, or even someone in a wheelchair, maybe even longer and when I did get there that was me pretty much done for the day. Agony. I get that everyone will get sore feet from queueing and waiting around but my feet felt like they were on fire from what took an able-bodied person 5 mins to walk took me half an hour. So you want me to stand in a queue for half an hour to. If they had a seat inside the photograph place and you had to wait for the place where you would have joined the queue I'd be happy to do that. I just can't stand for long periods of time, so SM let them queue jump to get them out of the way. I'm so thankful of that I really really am. Maybe just need a bit more of a brief so crew don't look at me like I'm faking it, because I fake being not in pain so well after 5 years of practice.
  12. I just want to start of by saying that I had an amazing time at LFCC this year. I saw everyone I wanted to see but only just and that was with an extra help queue jump so I really do feel for those who missed out. But here's my thing, 24 hours of the day I am in agony because of my feet but after 5 years you can bare a certain amount of pain, so on Saturday when I walked up to the doors to try and get in to get the pass at least 3 of the crew gave me a proper look up and down before rolling their eyes and told me to join a long ass queue. After 4 tubes and the walk from the station all the way round the building to the YALC entrance and they rolled their eyes at me. Eventually I did get in there were a few crew member when I showed them my pass they looked at me like I was crazy. One looked me up and down and said "oh sure" sarcastically. I was in agony but I was putting in a brave face and people like this are like a kick in the feet. I must say that whoever was on Photoshoot A + C were both amazing, getting me as close to the front as possible and getting me a seat, I just wish they were all like that. Disability shouldn't = wheelchair. Maybe if this could be mentioned during prep/training
  13. MK Dons staff I could see being a problem they have a job to make sure people stay in bounds and that's it but the SM staff at Collectormania were amazing.
  14. YES YES A HUGE THANK YOU I also want to pre thank the volunteers who are going to be working there as well but thank you Jason, thank you showmasters, thank you David who runs the twitter and thank you QS just thank you everyone oh and the guests
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