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  1. That would actually be available... Andrew Scott.
  2. They may have been mentioned already, but I'd love someone from Sherlock to be there. Maybe Andrew Scott, Rupert Graves (is he does cons?), or Louise Brealey (although she is in a play the weekend of LFCC but she might be up for the Sunday or something.)
  3. Best film I've seen since Serenity. It was amazing.
  4. The quiz was one of my highlights last year, would love to have another one.
  5. FootyGirl88


    I went as Kaylee last year and got beat by all of the other Kaylees there. I may try again this year, or I may just accept defeat.
  6. Oh yeah! I didn't even think of that (what a bad fan).
  7. Can I just bring this back as there is possibly only one guest spot left and no-one from Angel or Dollhouse has been announced yet, and Alexis covers both shows (Plus MAAN!)
  8. Yes yes yes please. This would be awesome.
  9. That could be amazing!
  10. Get one then =] i have loads and i love 'em haha I've thought about getting a Firefly/Serenity one before, but can never decide on what to actually get. Love the new Buffy one btw :)
  11. You're all making me want to get a tattoo!
  12. I got a Firefly shirt, Captain Hammer shirt, Dollhouse s1 DVD and the money for my ticket which has now been booked!
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